Your Festival Season Survival Guide (with a conscience)

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Spring is right around the corner and you know what that means… IT’S MUSIC FESTIVAL SEASON! Time to bust out the suede fringe, floral head crowns, overalls, and hip wide brim hats. Good music, good friends, and hopefully A LOT of sunshine. So, let us be your guide for this festival season by helping keep you prepared with a rundown of what you shouldn’t leave home without.


Stay Comfy
Music festivals mean long days that go from one extreme to another like sweating it up in the sun to freezing your butt off in the chilly night air. The fashion of a festival attendee has become almost as important as the music itself. Layering with loose, comfy clothing is critical. For the ladies, look for cotton dresses, loose fitting tanks and shorts, or slightly baggy overalls with a bandeau. For the fellas, you really can’t go wrong. Tanks and shirts with prints and patterns paired with your favorite shorts or comfy jeans. Don’t forget to bring a cardigan, kimono, shawl, or sweater to add on or take away as the day goes on.


Meemoza*: Keira Dress


Same Thread*: Manee Lace Up Bell Sleeve Dress

apathy shirt

All Riot*: Apathy Pour Homme Atomic Bomb Tshirt



New Market Goods*: Kotwali Popover Shirt 

The kind of shoes you wear will make or break your festival going experience. Leave the heels at home and instead opt for closed toe shoes that you can really romp around in. More than likely you’ll be walking, jumping, and dancing in these babies. Make sure that they can withstand mud, dirt, grass, sand, and other people stomping on them (when you’re trying to get to the front of the stage of course!)


IX Style*: Huarache Leather Sandals


Rock + Pillar*: Kassim Tan * Green City Boots



Indosole*: KOTA High Top

Stay Shaded

Your poor skin has probably been only exposed to the luminous glow of florescent lights in your office. Slather some sunscreen on your skin and keep it handy all day. You don’t want to look 60 years old when you’re actually 20 years old from sun-damaged skin. Not the best look. Don’t forget your lips; bring some chap stick with you since the sun and wind can make them dry and crack. One more layer of protection: sunnies. Not only are they stylish accessories to your ensemble, they also protect your eyes and conceal your eyes so you can people watch (’cause there will be plenty of interesting looking people to check out).



Mistura Canada*: Wooden Color Sunglasses- Specta Classic


th6dbonpdn4ky8povcqeStar Naturals Sunscreen*: Star Naturals Sunscreen Stick



Original Organics Herbals*: Natural Sunscreen SPF 20



Summer Sequoia*: Peppermint Tallow Lip Balm


Stay Supplied

To tote around your sunscreen, chap stick, extra pieces of clothing, phone charger (VERY VERY IMPORTANT), money, and other oddities; you will need a backpack or cross body bag of some sort. As tempting as being hands free sounds, going without a bag is a bad idea. Just keep it light and pack the essentials but leave room for possible vendor purchases.

Some other important items to throw in the bag, a collapsible: water bottle and snacks. Food vendors are going to jack up the prices even for the most basic of things like water. When you’re hangry no one will be safe from the grumpiness that ensues. Come prepared with an empty water bottle to fill up with tap water saving you money and saving the environment by cutting down waste. Bring some light snacks to munch on in between shows. Opt for granola bars with protein to fuel your energy levels.


Dorotea Gale*: Handwoven Enara Clutch No 37



Rock + Pillar*: Andrea Wayuu Mochila



Kur Organics Superfood*: Brownie Date & Nut Bar


bubi bottle

Bubi Bottle*: 14 oz Bubi Bottle


Stay Fresh

You are going to be within close quarters of thousands of people in the hot sun. Chances are it’s going to be smelling kind of funky. Stay fresh all day with some basic items like dry shampoo (to keep your locks grease and oil free), deodorant (smart to keep on hand all day), and maybe some lightly scented lotion or roll on perfume. Don’t forget ladies to bring some hair ties and bobby pins to keep your hair out of your face or opt for the super popular floral crown.


Dear Baby Products*: Chocolate Dry Shampoo



Rustic Maka*: Pachy Deodorant- Naughty Butter



Zandra*: Bamboo Black Soap


Aster + Antics*: Kindred Hair Pin


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