Winter Yoga Poses

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During the Fall and Winter our bodies can start to feel stiff and our joints can ache– especially if we are sitting at our computers or avoiding the outdoors. We invited Stacy of Jane and Rocco, an eco-friendly yoga accessories brand, to show us nourishing moves that will help our bodies endure the season by building our immunities and keeping our minds stress free. 

#1: Butterfly Pose
Butterfly1 (1)
This pose is a great stretch for the thighs, groin and hip. If you are suffering from pain in your groin or knee due to an injury, you can put a blanket underneath your thighs for added support and comfort. After you are comfortable in your butterfly pose, challenge yourself just a bit and surrender forward just a little bit. This pose is especially beneficial when in menstrual pain. 

#2: Pigeon Pose
The ultimate hip opener! This pose helps lengthen the spine, stretch your glutes and relieve a lot of stress from the sciatica. When pressing your fingertips into your mat, within the same motion you will lengthen your spine. The more you practice this pose, the more flexibility you will see in your hips. I promise, it may not seem like it at first, but this will become your favorite pose. I’ve heard from a couple teachers this pose is great for people who suffer with urinary disorders.

#3: Supported Shoulder Stand Pose
My back is very tight due to a recent car accident so some of my favorite poses, including the supported shoulder stand, is one that I have to push myself to do everyday to get back to correct alignment. But that’s the beauty of yoga!
Your progress becomes your own self journey. Your alignment may not be perfectly straight the first time around and you may have set backs, however the more you work at it, the more improvements you will see. The supported shoulder stand is a great morning pose to increase your energy. My favorite benefit is its ability to allow blood flow in the opposite direction which will improve overall brain and heart function. You may not believe it, but this pose will relieve tension in the shoulders, neck and head. You can position your hands on your lower back (as the photo shows) or extra your arms down towards where you feet would be if laying flat and place your palms flat on the mat.

 #4: Tree Pose 


Take time each day to do a tree pose. Why? Even though it looks like you are just standing there, you are not. You are working on your balance, focus and mind. Stabilize your legs on your yoga mat, lift one leg and bend. You can place the sole of your foot against the inner thigh pointing your foot down towards the mat or positioning the base of your foot upward and resting on your upper outer thigh. Play around with different hand positions. When keeping your eyes open, select an object in the room to focus your eyes on. If you are feeling extra confident, close your eyes and test yourself as to how balanced and still you can be.


#5: Reclining Hero Pose 
If you are sitting all day, definitely make it a routine to do the reclining hero pose when getting home from work and/or before bed. The main benefit to the reclining hero pose is the positive effect on ones digestion. This pose is great to do after meals to stretch the abdominal muscles. By bending your legs back, you will relief tightness in yours quads, hip and hamstrings. 

JaneandRocco_logo-01 (1)Owner and Designer, Stacy Longo launched Jane & Rocco in honor of her grandparents, who have always been the two strongest artistic forces in her life.  Memories of being young and watching Jane & Rocco draw perfect profile silhouettes of people is the inspiration behind the ‘Jane and Rocco’ logo. Our philosophy is to create, without negatively impacting the environment while looking to yoga and meditation for inspiration.  We choose natural fibers, recycled fabrications and water-based and 100% solvent free inks. All printing production takes place within the United States. We are proud to say we support jobs and businesses in the U.S.A. Namaste.


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