Why We Love: Lemons!

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You know what they say: when life hands you lemons, make an essential oil out of it. Not just food, lemons are ideal for health, beauty and for cleaning. Learn how you can zest up your life with this wonder fruit…


Lemon-Aid to the Rescue!

Your body loves lemons. They’re packed full of nutrients such as fiber, potassium, calcium, and iron. Most of all, they have high concentrations of vitamin C — which strengthens your immune system! Additionally, lemons help reduce inflammation, aid in digestion and headaches, contribute to oral health, clean wounds, regulate blood pressure, and increase your metabolism…. the list goes on and on. For real, your body LOVES lemon. I’m not saying that you should start sucking on whole lemons now (the very thought makes my mouth pucker). Instead, incorporate lemon juice into your daily diet. Not just a flavor enhancer, including lemons in your daily consumption of water helps flush out toxins in your body. Just an ounce of lemon water provides 23% of the daily vitamin C adults need. It’s one of the most simple, yet most substantial ways to make a change in your health routine.




The Fountain of Youth?

The secret to ageless beauty lies in the tiny yellow fruit. Lemon’s acidic properties act as a toner which help fade age spots as well as rid your face of those pesky black heads. Drinking lemon water also helps detoxify your blood and maintains your skins radiance. The essential oils procured from lemons naturally raise mood levels. This calming effect not only perks you up during that afternoon crash, but also helps reduce anxiety and depression.




Lemon-y Fresh

In a world full of harsh chemicals it’s nice to know that at least some cleaning products won’t affect your home or family. Look no further for the perfect non-toxic cleaner than the lemon. It is considered one of the best natural cleaners because of its high pH and antibacterial properties. Lemons can remove odors, sanitize, de-grease, and unclog. Mixed with either vinegar, salt or baking soda; a lemon cleanser is safe for kitchens, bathrooms, grills, furniture, cloth, windows, and most importantly your family.





Try these…

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*Painted Earth Skincare and Cosmetics: Lemon Essential Oil

flo and theo lemon scrub

*Flo + theo: Lemon Harvest Body Polish

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*[Terra]Cotta Paste: Acne Healing Oil- Spot Treatment

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*Milstein’s Pure: Natural All Surface Cleaner

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*Essenshea: Pet Fresh, Natural Deodorant & Pet Deterrent



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  • Tatyana

    I LOVE lemons and limes! Honestly I can eat them alone or with a little sugar. Thank you guys you just gave me ammo to fend of people telling me to stop eating soo many lemons 🙂

    btw fun lemon tip: they can be use to white your nails