What’s In My Carry-On….

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Those who are in full adventure mode…I envy you. My wanderlust has hit an all time high and it’s taking every inch of me not to just purchase a random plane ticket to anywhere. Traveling is one my biggest passions and luckily I get to travel for work and for play. Like Mary Poppins and her wondrous, never-ending carpenter bag, I have my trusty carry-on bag with me to help make jet-setting across the globe easy-peasy. Here are some tips on how to travel like a pro with these essential carry-on items:

 5. Hand Lotion: Traveling via plane is like traveling in a vacuum sealed metal tube. You slowly start to feel like a dried out piece of turkey jerky. Slather on some super hydrating hand lotion to keep your hands, elbows, ankles, etc nice and moisturized. 

Try: BIG BALM- Japanese Kumquat

9. Hair Accessories: I walk onto the plane with fabulous commercial ready hair and walk off with flat, not so fabulous looking hair. Keep your dew looking fresh and salon perfect with some accessories on hand. Half-up, braided, or in a high pony; your locks won’t look as if you were on a plane 6+ hours. 

Try: Kindred Hair Pin

12. Reading glasses/sunglasses: Keeping your reading glasses available is a must.  It’s always a pain to get up and rummage through the overhead bin to find them when you want to get some reading in.  Speaking of glasses, include your sunglasses in your carry on. It’s on to the next leg of your journey once you de-plane and lucky for you, you don’t have to stop and rifle through your luggage looking for those darn glasses. Take them out, slide them on, and you are good to go, go, go!

Try: Precious Wood Sunglasses–Style 4ORG Macassar Ebony 

Try: Sleep Soothing Mist


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