We Know “Who Made Your Clothes” Giveaway

Contests, Fashion v April 17, 2016

COSSAC “Bitch Please” T-shirt ($55)

Women’s loose, easy-fit crop top in GOTS® certified cotton with slight drop shoulder, ribbed neck and rolled sleeves. Our t-shirt is perfect to make an ECO-HOT statement at the gym/yoga or by keeping it simple on the weekend with a pair of jeans. Produced in certified factories.

Ono Creations Cor Compassion clutch ($109)

Compassion is the radicalism of our time (Dalai Lama XIV). Our cor compassion is multi-talented: Useful as clutch or wallet, this item successfully completes any of your styles. 100% Natural Materials being used: Tencel, Cork, Cotton, Bamboo and Reclaimed Teak. This product was made in Bali, Indonesia by Balinese men and woman and small local workshops which adhere to the strict working standards that we expect of them.

Sharon Z Meterorite Stud Earrings ($90)

Intentionally mismatched meteorite stud earrings measure 1/4 at widest point. 100% recycled silver. Handmade in San Francisco.

animana Patagonia Astelle Shawl ($215)

Light and stylish shawl. Made with 100% organic materials and baby alpaca fibers. Fair trade Producer is located in Peru and is a B Corp.

and your choice of Rock + Pillar Boots ($165)

Boots with accents of rich andean textile in high quality calf leather complements any look. These handmade shoes are made out of pure leather and handwoven textiles. Made in Peru by our Cooperative of Bootmaker and Bagmakers. Certified sweatshop free with by the Fair Trade Federation principles


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