VIDEO: Eco-Friendly Make-up Look for Your Holiday or NYE Party

Beauty, Beauty Tutorials, DIYs, Wedding v December 21, 2015

1. Using your favorite concealer, cover up any dark circles and/or unwanted redness. We like Painted Earth’s Mineral HD concealer.

2. Evenly set your concealer with a light, mineral powder. We used Painted Earth Skincare’s Perfect Every Thyme Baked Mineral Foundation in Simply Beige.

3. Evenly coat your eyelid in a light brown, shimmery shade. We used Painted Earth’s Mona Lisa’s Eyes in Taupe/Crystal Beige.

4. Line the eyes as close to the lash line as possible. Wing the edges out when you get to the outer corner. We like Painted Earth’s SuperWear Gel Liner.

5. This part gets a bit tricky – patience is key! Starting at the wing at the outer corner, drag the pencil in a curved line – along the crease of your eyelid.

6. If the line is too hard, blend lightly with a brush. If the line is too soft, add more and smudge it with your finger.

7. Coat your top and bottom lashes with your favorite mascara. We used Painted Earth’s LashLuxe.

8. Take a break from blush, and simply dust the cheeks with a sparkly, translucent powder. We used Savage Jenny’s Radiance Shimmer.


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