‘Tis The Season To Give Back: A Letter from Our CEO

Editor's Picks v December 14, 2015

A Letter From Kristen Drapesa, Founder and CEO of Ecohabitude


Kristen Drapesa with Lola and Penelope


With the hustle and bustle of our holiday to-do’s, we can easily lose sight of what this giving season is really all about. I myself, am guilty of this at times! Events such as black friday and our quest for “deals” begins to reinforce a focus on material wealth and an impetus for frenzied consumerism. The irony of it all is that the true spirit of the season is to exemplify gratitude and the profound concept of unconditional giving. 

One of the things I am quite passionate about is profit sharing. At Ecohabitude we’re fortunate enough to showcase a variety of brands that share a portion of their proceeds to many amazing charities. Two years ago, when working as a buyer for an online retailer, I began meeting brands who were not only making thoughtful products, they had an even more impactful ethos and mission to create positive change. It was in my desire to share these stories, and make these products that give back more accessible, that I started my company- Ecohabitude.

To provide an opportunity for someone to not only own an amazing product, but in doing so, be able to support a cause, community or animal in need? To me, that is a phenomenal concept. Imagine the impact if every purchase you made contributed even a small percentage of that sale to help solve some of the major issues we face today? The thought is overwhelming and yet so simple. 

In the spirit of giving, my staff and I have curated a list of some great products and brands that participate in profit sharing. Whether you take a moment to show kindness to a stranger, or support a brand that’s creating for good; I challenge you all to ask yourself how you can give back today. 


All the Best,







Kristen Drapesa


Kristen’s Picks: 

kristen 1

10 Made Design – Metallic Dot Pillows

10% of each sale is shared with the Rippled Purpose NEST program


kristen 2

Blair Lauren Brown – Charity Heart Cuff

1% of sales goes back to Earthworks and another 20% of profit goes to 5 Gyres, an organization dedicated to freeing us from the single use plastic that is polluting our oceans

kristen 3

EST WST– Pochampally iPad Convertable

In their commitment to sustainable rural development, a dollar of each EST WST product is contributed to their Rural Development Fund




Team Picks:


meet-molly-masked Molly Gillette (UX Designer)

circle cuff molly

Ways of Change – Circle Cuff

Profits are shared to provide entrepreneurial trainings and community development projects


 andrea-photo-1 Andrea Plell (Director of Communications)

ginkgo leaves

Untamed Bridal – Ginkgo Leaves Hair Pin

5% of profits from each piece is donated to the Defenders of Wildlife Fund 



 Asad Kazmi (Product Manager)

asad paris gunas

Gunas USA Inc– Paris 

Percentage of profits goes to charities towards animal welfare and environment conservation




 Tatyana Acuna (Business Development)


Gustus Vitae – Taste of the Mediterranean

Profits from the sales are shared with Friends of the Los Angeles River




 Anna Terry (Marketing Assistant)


Future Glory – Moto Rolltop Backpack

A portion of proceeds is donated to local organizations dedicated to rebuilding women’s lives


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