The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape [an ethical edit]

Fashion v July 7, 2016

The options are endless and quite overwhelming when it comes to finding the right pair of sunnies for the summer. Most people go straight for a certain style when picking out sunglasses. Little do they know, the style they pick out might not be the most flattering for their face shape. We’ve simplified the search by first helping you rediscover your face shape so you can pick out the perfect pair of shades to rock all summer long!

Finding Your Face Shape

Step 1. Have on hand a white board marker or bar of soap and a mirror

Step 2. Pull back bangs or long hair away from your face with a headband

Step 3. Using the marker or bar of soap, draw the outline of your face that you see on the mirror

Voilà! There you have it, your face shape! Now comes the fun part…

Whether you have an oval, square, heart, or round face shape; time to shop for some new sunglasses!



Balanced features, high cheekbones, chin narrower than forehead

Look for: Frames wider than forehead, details on lower half, light colors, can pull off any round or square frame




Broad forehead, pointed/narrow chin, high cheekbones

Look for: Bold shapes, fun colors and textures, any frames that are wider on top than they are on the bottom




Prominent jawline, angular features, wide forehead

Look for: Rounded or upswept shapes, thinner frames, neutral colors




Full cheeks, rounded chin, equal length and width

Look for: Strong details, wider than tall lenses, nosepads to keep off cheeks, oversized rectangular and angular frames to off set the roundness



Cover Photo: Ester Keate Photography 


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