Sexy + Sustainable in the Bedroom: Eco-Friendly Tips for Getting It On

Conscious Living Tips, Healthy Living v July 21, 2016

Summer is getting steamy (if you catch my drift), which brings us to wonder how do you stay eco-friendly and sustainable in the bedroom? Conventional condoms, lubes and the like often contain toxic chemicals and hormone disrupters.  Not only that, more often than not they are bad for the environment – toxifying our waterways and made from synthetic materials that cannot biodegrade. Before your next romantic encounter, read on for sexy alternatives that take your health, and the health of our planet, into consideration.


Let it Slide

An intimate moisturizer does just the trick to get the motions flowing. Using a natural lubricant that contains safe ingredients will unlikely irritate your most sensitive parts. There are other benefits as well! For example, Sylk, a waster-based natural lube, is made with a unique sustainable plant extract – kiwifruit vine gum. The vine gum replicates the vagina’s natural pH balance. If you’re in a bind, head toward the pantry for some coconut oil. Although not recommended for use with latex condoms, coconut oil can be used as an intimate moisturizer, because it is anti-fungal and could even help prevent STIs* (just make sure to clean up after use).



Heat Things Up

Because some like it kinky, there are also eco-friendly ways to spice things up and make for some intensified foreplay. Try a warming massage oil – we like EIR’s heating massage oil because it’s made locally in Brooklyn with therapeutic grade ingredients (and comes in a glass container as opposed to plastic). Candle light can set the mood. Why not integrate your candle into the fun with the Intimate Purpose candle that doubles as a warm non-toxic body butter. Once you are ready to extinguish the flame, turn up the passion. And of course you’ll want to bring on the aphrodisiacs with some passion love mist. Mist this love potion on sheets, pillowcases, your body and anywhere else that you want to ignite the passion.


Get Intimate

Before the escapade begins, it’s fun to dress the part. Most importantly, you’ll want to wear something that makes you feel the comfortable and confident. Look for intimate lingerie and underthings that are made from natural materials (so that your body can breath) and check out the tags to make sure they are not made in a sweatshop. Luckily for you, EcoHabitude has a variety of bras, panties, boxers, briefs, and sexy outfits that are sustainable and/or socially conscious approved. Peruse some of our top picks below…


Just a Nibble and a Taste

Having reinforcements around can be good when your enjoying one another around the clock. Stock your bed side table with a plate of chocolate niblettes or bon bons. Maybe even a silky sauce to play with for the those who feel adventurous and don’t mind getting a little messy. 


Protect Safely

Probably one of the most important things to consider when attempting your escape to ecstasy is protection. In the past few years sustainable and eco-friendly condom options have become more available on the market. Here are some of our recent finds:

  • Sustain Natural condoms are made with fair trade rubber and are nitrosamine free.
  • Sir Richard’s condoms are free from parabens, spermicide, and glycerin plus they are PETA approved, vegan certified.
  • L. condoms are made natural with no weird ingredients you can’t pronounce- they are healthy for your body and planet.


Happy love making!


*Consult a doctor before use.


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