Tips for Surviving Summer Elements and Ailments

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It’s officially summer! Whether you’re going near or far, I’m sure everyone has some fantastic adventures planned for the next few months. No matter where you go or what you do, you’re going to encounter some things that are not so great about summer. Blistering heat, biting bugs, looooonng lines, sweltering heat, a lot of traffic, mosquito bites that itch like crazy, sunburns, (did we mention the blazing sun?), and much more. Now we can’t help you with some of those problems, they just happen because it’s summer time and everyone else is out and about. What we can do is give you some rad tips on surviving summers elements and ailments. Although you may think these five tips may be simple, most of the time people over look them and end up with a sunburn that is hotter than the sun. 

Tip #1 Defend Yourself Against the Sun

Summer time is my favorite time of the year. Plenty of sun so I can get my fill of vitamin D, water activities that I fail at miserably but I still like to do, and grill outs with endless heaps of grilled meats. Time to bust out that itty-bitty bikini to work on my summer glow. Stop there for a moment. Although you think the sun is your friend and that you look really good tan; too much sun can result in skin cancer. So while you’re out frolicking around in the sun, be sure to slather on some sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and to shade your face with hats or sunglasses.  

Tip #2 (in case you didn’t listen to Tip #1)

For most people, unfortunately, you have to get that first summer time sunburn out of the way. Despite all of your efforts of applying and reapplying sunscreen, you will more than likely step out of the house and into the sweltering sun for a bit too long to end up looking like a freshly steamed lobster. Ouch! To ease the uncomfortable blistering, peeling, and all around hot skin feeling look to aloe vera for relief. It will be your best friend for the next couple of days. Aloe vera nourishes the body with minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Ideal when you’ve burned off a layer of skin.  

Tip #3 Bye Bye Buggy

From the hot, sticky sunny  days we morph into the cool crisp summer nights. The perfect kind of nights for outdoor entertaining. What’s not so perfect…the mosquitos. Unfortunately, the cooler nights bring out the creepy crawlies or flying nuisances. Buzzing and biting, they are the worst kind of pests. Not to mention the bites that you can’t stop scratching until you have unsightly, bleeding wounds on your body. Not so cute (this is tank top/short shorts season after all). What’s even worse about bug bites? The potential diseases these bugs carry with them (West Nile virus, malaria, lyme disease, and Zika) are no bueno.

Some things you can do right away to avoid being bitten is by bringing along as an additional layer of long sleeves and pants to wear during dusk.

Make sure that your home has screens on all of it’s windows and doors. For an outdoor seating area that is bug free; burn citronella candles. 

When it comes to store bought bug repellants it becomes a little tricky. You would think the bug sprays you buy would do more good than harm right? Wrong. Even though spraying that store bought bug spray will make you disappear to bugs like Harry Potter in his invisibility cloak, you might as well have dipped yourself into a vat of toxic chemicals. Instead, when searching for safe bug sprays look for these key words on the label: herbal, all-natural, DEET-free, non-chemcial, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. This means that the spray is safe to use on the kiddos and in the environment around you (safe for bees, pets, etc).

Another option is to make a natural repellant using essential oils like lemon balm, pennyroyal, lavender and rose geranium. Concocting a potent enough mixture of essential oils to ward off bugs will take experimentation. It is said that no more than 10-15 drops per ounce of oil. To keep dogs tick free try two drops of rose geranium essential oil on their collar. 

Tip #4 Channeling the 90’s Grunge Look

Days spent in chlorine filled pools can do a number on your hair and skin. It’s best to give the hair dryer and hot tools a break this summer and opt for the all natural look. Whether your hair is curly, straight, frizzy, or all of the above; try to not do too much with it this summer. I’m not saying don’t style it at all. There are a million and one ways to style your hair without the use of hot tools. Braids, buns, pony-tails, or down; there are plenty of options and plenty of how to’s on the internet. 

Another way to give you hair a break this summer is by not washing it as often. Now, before you stop showering all together, I suggest you stop washing your hair as often. Keep on rinsing off your bodies!  Let’s review some of the benefits of not washing your hair as often. Washing your hair daily can be counterproductive when it comes to having a healthy hair follicles and scalp. Your scalp produces oils that give nutrients to your hair so that it stays healthy. Washing often can strip away these nutrients creating a flaky scalp. Another reason to cut down wash time is to help save the earth. Less time in the shower rinsing out your hair means less water being used. Between showers use dry shampoo to keep the grease under control. 


The last tid bit of advice we must give you, you’ve probably heard time and time again. DRINK WATER! Dehydration can lead to some serious health problems and with this hot weather for the next couple months, it’s crucial that you down water like an elephant at a watering hole. Drinking water, overall, is just good for you body. It naturally cools down your body and does fabulous things for your skin, organs, metabolism, etc. To drink all of this water, you’re going to need to have it handy for when you’re on the go. Please help save our earth and stop buying the disposable plastic water bottles. Instead, invest in a sturdy portable water bottle that you can fill up time and time again. This cuts down waste considerably and keeps your staying hydrated.


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