Surviving Allergy Season: Tips and Home Remedies

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I survived it. The symptoms may seem like nothing out of the ordinary, but they were none the less dreadful. Constant sneezing with a runny nose that was like Niagara Falls and itchy-watery-puffy eyes; I was able to endure two months of it and have lived to tell the tale. “What is it?” you may ask.  Well let me tell you…IT WAS THE MOST HORRENDOUS ALLERGY SEASON I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. Okay, so it isn’t the worst thing I’ve had to overcome. But suffering from severe allergies is no walk in the park. The unusually warm weather Texas experienced in January meant that all the plants pollinated early which created my demise. Mother nature really messed with me this year and turned me into a snot nosed walking Frankenstein. I was utterly miserable. People would come up to me to ask if I was okay because my eyes looked like I had been crying. No, its just from the constant rubbing and sneezing I was experiencing. I know, I know. I look like a monster. Over the counter allergy medicine (surprisingly) did absolutely nothing for me. To ease my suffering, I resorted to some home remedies and (surprisingly) felt much more relief. I can now say I feel like my old self now. So to help out those who are currently suffering all over the country, here are some home remedy tips you can do for this allergy season. 

Your New Friend, The Neti Pot

Does congestion have you feeling under pressure? Tired of the constant dirty looks from people as you blow your nose every five minutes? It’s as if they see you as some sort of contaminated zombie. To really drain out all of that gunk, you’re going to have to pull out the big guns. Easy breathing is just a neti pot away.   

Rush from GreenOmGreen Tips:

“[GreenOM Green’s Ceramic Neti Pot is the] best natural cure for keeping the nasal allergies away. Given below are the few benefits of using neti pot. Alternatively essential oils are another great natural way to keep away from cold and allergies.


1. Neti removes all the dirt and bacteria filled mucus from within the nose.

2. It is beneficial for illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis as it reduces the tendency for mouth breathing by freeing the nostrils of mucus.

3. Neti is of great benefit for problems associated with the eyes. It helps flush the tear ducts, encouraging clearer vision and gives a sparkle to the eyes.

4. Neti improves sensitivity of the olfactory nerves, helping to restore lost sense of smell, and thereby benefits the relationship with taste and the digestive processes.

5. Neti affects the psychic centre known as Ajna Chakra which helps in awakening higher states of meditation.

6. It helps to stimulate better powers of visualisation and concentration and gives a feeling of lightness and clarity to the mind.

7. Neti is excellent for those trying to give up smoking. Since it reduces the tendency for mouth breathing, Neti re-sensitises the nose to the actual pollution of ingesting smoke, thereby de-programming the brain of the physical and psychological addiction.”

Black Ceramic Neti Pot by GREENOMGREEN

Black Ceramic Neti Pot by GREENOMGREEN



The Bees Knees

I’ve mentioned it before it in a previous post on the many reasons why we love bees. One of the most important things is the delicious and nutritious honey. The local honey bees produce contain small doses of the pollens of that certain region. Consuming it is a good way to  build up an immunity to the airborne allergens that keep on bugging you.  

Michael from Z’s Bees Tip:

“Taking one tablespoon of honey a day will help alleviate your allergy symptoms.  Eating honey will help allergy symptoms for it contains pollen from all the weeds, trees and flowers from the area that affect your allergy’s.  Try eating honey with cinnamon for an immune boost and increased blood circulation and energy.”

Raw Organic Buckwheat Honey by Z'S BEES

Raw Organic Buckwheat Honey by Z’S BEES

Bee Pollen by Z'S BEES

Bee Pollen by Z’S BEES

Raw Wildflower Honey, ME by BIZALION'S FINE FOOD

Raw Wildflower Honey, ME by BIZALION’S FINE FOOD

Calmer Sutra Tea's Ginger Infused Honey by CALMER SUTRA TEA

Calmer Sutra Tea’s Ginger Infused Honey by CALMER SUTRA TEA

Tea Time

Another at home remedy to fight off your allergens is to drink green tea. It’s packed full of powerful antioxidants that block histamines and other uncomfortable allergy symptoms. Drink up to three cups of green tea a day for best results.

Gunpowder Green Tea with Hibiscus by THE KITCHEN IMP

Gunpowder Green Tea with Hibiscus by THE KITCHEN IMP

Feeling a  sore throat from the drainage coming from your nose? Bring water to a boil and pour into a mug along with some honey and lemon. Honey soothes your enflamed throat while inhibits any bacteria causing infections. Lemons are packed with vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties. Put these two together and sore throats don’t have a chance against this fighting duo.

Stacy from Meadow Muffin Gardens Tip:

The Lemon and Ginger Raw Honey Syrup and the Raw Honey Elderberry Syrup are both made with raw honey. Raw honey has not been pasteurized which means the temperature didn’t get hot enough to destroy the enzymes which make honey so beneficial. Studies are inconclusive as to whether regular ingestion of honey helps lesson allergy symptoms because the amount of pollen ingested varies and cannot be standardized, whereas allergy shots can be standardized. But for those who prefer the natural route, it is believed that when a person regularly eats raw honey, over time the immune system develops immunity which helps lesson the misery during allergy season. Remember not to give honey to children under one year of age due to the risk of botulism”

Lemon & Ginger Raw Honey Syrup by MEADOW MUFFIN GARDENS

Lemon & Ginger Raw Honey Syrup by MEADOW MUFFIN GARDENS

For The Kiddos

So adults are not the only ones who suffer from allergies, the kiddos do too! The really powerful over the counter allergy medicines will leave you sleepy or foggy in the head.  Not good for your little one if they have to go to school and stay awake all day. Incorporate the above mentioned tips into your child’s daily routine. For example: local honey on toast as a snack or if they are starting to feel that tickle in their throat make them a honey and lemon tea hot/cold (Remember*: do not give raw honey to children under a year old). They also might think using the neti pot cool, sticking water up your nose and watching it come out the other nostril could amuse any child. Sleeping at night can be a pain, especially if they are all stuffed up. I don’t know anyone who likes to sleep sitting up. It’s the worst sleep ever! Try a decongesting soak right before bedtime or even a vapor rub to open up their sinuses. 






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