Summer Nail Trend: Polka Dots

Beauty, Beauty Tutorials, DIYs v July 27, 2016

It’s midsummer and although we are loving the bright colors, we decided to take a minimalistic approach with these white nail designs. So, if you’re ready to get creative, then take out that dotting tool or just a fat tipped pen and lets get started!

For this nail art DIY you will need the following:



Step 1. 


Start off with a coat or two of primer (it helps your nail designs last longer). For this tutorial we used D.I.D.’s non-toxic nail polish primer (free of the big 5F)


Step 2.


Put one or two coats of white nail polish. Why white? It makes the smallest designs POP! But be our guests to switch your colors up. We used two coats of Cloud 9.


Step 3. 


Get your two colored nail polishes and drip a drop of each onto a piece of paper (think of the paper as your painting palette). Our choices are Duchess and Eden.


Step 4. 


Then with a dotting tool or a regular writing pen, dip your tool on the first color and lightly press it onto your nail so that it creates a dot. Continue dipping and dotting down your nail to form a diagonal line. Fill one half of your nail with one color. It doesn’t need to be perfect, get creative with variety of sizes of your dots. 


Step 5.


Repeat step 4 but with an alternate color.


Step 6. Don’t forget the Top Coat! It helps keep your nails strong and your mani last  will  longer.


Step 7.


Flaunt your new nail art to your family, friends, and that cute stranger you see daily at your local coffee shop. 😉

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