Summer Nail Trend: GEO + GOLD

Beauty, Beauty Tutorials v June 4, 2016

With summer just around the corner, we invited our friend Adrienne of DID Nail Paint back into the studio to show us a fun nail trend for summer. We love DID Nail Paint because it comes in bold statement colors that are cruelty free, non-toxic (formaldehyde, toluene, DBP and camphor free = happy nails) and made locally in Brooklyn. 

DIY DID Gold Nails -15

Along with our lovely model Molly, EcoHabitude’s UX designer, Adrienne shows us how to create a fun, glowing summery nail look inspired by geometrics, the sun and the shimmery beach sands of summer. 


Inspiration Board


Step One: Make sure nail surfaces are clean and then apply one coat of base coat (DID Base coat) (Also can use DID non-toxic nail polish remover)

Step 1 - Summer Nail DIY

Step 1

Step Two: Apply one or two even coats of white nail polish to all nails except the two ring fingers.

Step 2 Nail DIY Summer tutorial
Step 3: Then, apply an even coat of gold nail polish to your two ring fingers.

Step 3(1)
Step 4:  Then with a thin nail art brush (such as a Striping Brush) create an X shape closer to the top of the nail.

Step 5(1) (1)
Step 5: Then fill in the spaces on top to create the negative triangle like space.

Step 5(2) (1)
6. Lastly, make sure all nails are dry and then apply your top coat.

Step 6(2)
7. Show off your D.I.D Nails!

Step 7(1retouched)

All images taken by StyleTomes‘s Nataliya Ogle (Thank you!)


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