Clean Fitness Tips With Studio 26’s Founder & Physical Trainer Jared Kaplan

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Jared Kaplan danced professionally on some of San Francisco & NYC’s most prestigious stages, until he had an unfortunate but serendipitous injury while preparing for a big audition. The injury which led to subsequent physical therapy, including Pilates-based and strength-training practices, became the inspiration for a social entrepreneurial venture. It was then that personal training became a passion for Jared- especially when it helped others overcome challenges and similar strifes. He began looking for a space where he could practice his newfound service, however all of the training spaces he came across were sub par and not conducive to health in addition to many of them being ran by greedy middle-men with stifling corporate policies and/or had poorly integrated interiors cluttered with machines, uncleanliness, and much disorganization. These experiences encouraged him to create one of the most sustainable wellness centers in NYC.


The Birth of Studio 26 & Clean Fitness 

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Jared had an epiphany after reading “Cradle to Cradle: Remaking The Way We Make Things” and was deeply inspired to change not just a person’s body, but also their environment, community, and city. He recognized that “the current fitness scene paid no attention to the environmental factors of health, [so he] decided to do something about it and created a green gym” at the heart of NYC. By creating a home for independent trainers, and integrating his eco interests when and where ever possible, he created a space where people could focus on themselves and let their minds breathe without worrying about who used the machine before them or feel enclosed and heavy of breath. Which leads us to one of our most important points to clean fitness, start by finding or creating a clean and open space where you can focus on YOU.


It’s Not Easy Being GREEN… But Here’s 5 Tips to Get Started

With over 32 eco-friendly integrations, Studio 26 is our go to maven for sustainability fitness tips. We recommend, if possible, to incorporate these tips to your fitness space, whether it be your living room floor or current gym (yes make use of that suggestion box!). Why? As we and many of Studio 26’s clients can vouch for, a clean green environment is crucial to feeling better and clearing your mind when exercising and working on yourself. By “clean” we mean more than declutter. Three great tips to keep in mind are natural light, nature, and the absence of distractions as studies show that there is a strong correlation between nature & mental health.

  1. We can’t all have an 8 foot Living Plant Wall to filter our air, but a nice Peace Lily can do the trick. Especially since they remove pollutants such as ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. For a list of more houseplants that help purify your air check out Greatist’s 9 Air Cleaning Houseplants That Are Almost Impossible to Kill
  2. Don’t forget your vitamin D, and try to have as much natural light as possible. Whether it be at the gym or home, workout near a window & don’t worry about peepers (unless they have video cameras in which case dial 911 or for our European readers 112).
  3. Try to stay focused on YOU not a television screen (unless its a fitness video). Watching TV while exercising doesn’t let you focus on intense or strength building exercises.
  4. Choose eco-friendly apparel, materials (mat, weights, etc), and an environment that is healthy. We personally love our non-toxic & eco-friendly Janne & Rocco Yoga Mats, with a non-slip ergonomic design that is perfect for doing crunches and push ups anywhere. As well as Give ActivewearAroque Athletic‘s sustainable activewear.
  5. Great food is essential too (organic, non-gmo, minimally-processed are great  ways to start). Like EcoHabitude’s Yummari Fuel Bars, made from organic chia seeds for protein fueled endurance.


What’s the best experience you’ve received from working at Studio 26?

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“Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely road – and the irony of creating a space for others while overworking to get it off the ground and giving my own time away is not lost on me! That said, each day I’m reminded that the work is paying off:  I daily see others succeed in supporting themselves in passionate work, guiding clients towards breakthroughs and becoming their best selves, and changing the model for how a fitness business can run.”

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