Spring Cleaning Done Consciously

Editor's Picks, Healthy Living, Home v April 16, 2015


{Your Guide to a Cleaner + Healthier Living space}


With the start of each Spring season, feelings of revival and renewal replace the long months of winter’s past. This year, we are eager to share ways you can consciously cleanse your lifestyle and your favorite places to prepare for a fresh start.


FOR FRESH BREATHING: because nothing smells sweeter than clean air.

Wild Well Supply Dusty Trail Candle– Don’t let the name fool you. The combination of cactus flower, sage and dirt within this 100% natural beeswax candle will present your nostrils with a crisp, invigorating scent of the great outdoors.

Objects With Purpose Room Spray – OWP says it best: “Clear the air and calm the chaos with this purposeful blend of bamboo, blood orange, keifer lime and firewood. Created specifically to chase away undesirable scents and energy.”

Splat & Co Dragonfly Dryer Ball Set – These colorful, handmade wool dryer balls soften your clothes, lessen drying time and leave a natural lingering scent when essential oils are applied. We’ll take three, please.


FOR THE ORGANIZED OBSESSED: we understand that all objects deserve a home.

Hammer It Out Stainless Steel & Bamboo Plywood Medium Cup – Things this cup can hold: trinkets, gadgets, pencils, brushes, cutlery, screws, whosits, whatsits. The possibilities are endless and the construction is superior.

One4One Bamboo Tote Bag – Carry your groceries home or store kitchen items inside. The end use is up to you! With each purchase, you will help organize the delivery of 30lbs. of food for a hungry child in the U.S through the United Way Food Network.

Nest Pure Organic Fabric Bin – Rest assured that you will never need to replace this organic, machine washable, custom made storage bin. It’s chic exterior and durable interior make it a must-have for the spring cleaning expert.


FOR A SAVVY SURROUNDING: you’ve got style — let it stand out!

Humble Suds Revival Wood & Leather Cleaner – Revival replaces your furniture polish, leather conditioner and stainless steel shine in one chemical-free and food-safe product. Spice up the dining room table or soak up spots on your couch. This solutioner makes cleaning easy!

Milstein’s Pure Carpet Deodorizer & Cleaner – If you close your eyes after using this product, you might think you are standing in the middle of a lavender garden in Napa Valley. Milstein’s Pure has created an all-natural formal that eliminates odors and replaces them with spring smelling scents. Bonus: effectively brings your carpet’s true colors back!

[Terra]Cotta Paste Multipurpose Cleaner – Spic and Span – does it all with a sustainable formula that will not leave streaks or residue behind. After you tidy up your working space, try it on fruits and vegetables for a squeaky clean meal.



FOR CLEAN, CUDDLY PETS: our best friends should receive the best care.

Whispering Willow Soap Co Doggie Fresh Soap – Every dog should feel as good as they look. With Whispering Willow’s refreshing mix of clove, lemon, and peppermint, your pup will be bounding with self-assurance and renewed energy.

House of Cat Litter Box Cleaner – Confidently give your cat some non-toxic and odor free privacy with this natural litter box cleaner. S/he will thank you with love!



Written by Carly Mento


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