21 NY-Based Brands You Oughta Know

Editor's Picks v February 15, 2016

WE LOVE NY! What do we love even more? Our Ecohabitude sellers from NY!! Shop to support your local economy and small businesses everywhere. These sellers put so much TLC into what they create. They care about the consumer and more importantly are socially conscious brands. Let’s take a look at a few of the local sellers in NY:




blair laurn brown

Blair Lauren Brown

Blair Lauren Brown has created a line of jewelry that is feminine, delicate, and ethically produced with recycled precious metals. The perfect accessory for any bride or bridal party.


jess rezzuti

Jess Rezzuti

Unique and innovative, those are two words that describe Jess Rezzuti’s line of eco-conscious handbags. Using cork and other creative materials, Jess Rezzuti creations are like wearing pieces of art.


Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 8.34.19 AM


Girlela’s minimal yet feminine dress designs make it a staple in any socially conscious woman’s closet. Made sweatshop free, it is the perfect dress to go to your 9-5 office job and then easily glam it up to grab cocktails later that evening.


Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 8.40.35 AM

Jane and Rocco

Clear your mind and stretch it out with Jane and Rocco’s yoga apparel. Made from natural fibers, recycled fabrications, and water based 100% solvent free inks; you can flow through your vinyasa feeling easy, breezy, and beautiful.





Dapper Designs

Handmade with recycled materials, it is an interchangeable jewelry collection that blurs the line between ‘his’ and ‘hers’. Dapper Designs makes it possible to mix and match their designs with what you already own to accentuate your unique style.



A Summer Shop

Be kind to your beard and maintain it with A Summer Shop’s handmade and vegan friendly beard oil line. Great for sensitive skin, your beard will be soft to the touch and smell oh so manly. #beardgoals




An ethically made collection of high fashion bags, Gunas USA Inc produces limited edition overnight bags that are a must for any guy that travels often.  Sleek, masculine, and well made in design; these bags have numerous footprint tags including: conflict free, cruelty free, recycled and profit shared. Dressing well can make a difference; a progressive outlook Gunas hopes to bring to the fashion world.





Lucy & Leo

Playing tag, jumping rope, crawling through the grass, and playing hide-and-go-seek. These are only some of the things your little ones get into. Why should you put them in clothing that restricts their constant movement? Lucy & Leo makes sure that your child is outfitted in the finest, high quality clothing that is durable and comfortable.



Disa NYC

When it comes to your baby, don’t put just any clothing line on their delicate soft skin. Disa NYC children’s clothing line only uses natural fabrics like cotton or linen that are hand printed with nontoxic soft hand inks. Simple, minimalistic and handmade; their line is durable enough to stand the test of time and gentle enough for your little one to squirm around in.



Botica Baby

From apparel to toys, Botica Baby has you covered in the kids department. All of their products are organic, recycled, nontoxic and handmade. You can feel at ease knowing that your little one is clothed, playing with, and sleeping soundly in eco-friendly materials that are safe and kid tested approved.





Flo + Theo

With wholesome ingredients that leave out the parabens, petroleum, synthetic fragrances or alcohol; Flo + Theo have formulated a simple yet effective vegan skin care brand. Be kind to your skin and treat it to hydrating body butters or lather up with fresh smelling soaps.



Round About Botanical

Offering a range of hand crafted products, Round About Botanicals all natural skin care line is a must when you want to treat yourself for a spa like experience. Clay masks, vegan soaps, detoxifying salt scrubs, and beeswax lip balms are just a few of the products they sell that leave you feeling au naturel.




With such a saturated market for skincare products, making the decision has never been easier than with EIR NYC. Their skincare line uses essential oils and natural herbs to protect and heal your skin. Aimed at those with active lifestyles, EIR NYC wants to heal you not only externally but internally as well. (Meaning they don’t use chemicals, fragrances, preservatives, or parabens) Slather this good stuff on; your skin will thank you.





Divine NY & Co

Sustainable design is the name of the game. And how does one accomplish this? By using a hand dying and hand printing processes on natural fibers like cotton, linen, or silk. Divine NY & Co signature style takes something “old” and makes it look new again. With an East meets West vibe, Divine NY & Co brings the soul and flair back into fabric remnants and turns them into stylish table runners, comfy comforters, and cute coasters.




Rehabulous brings a unique plate to any cocktail party. Actually it’s more like a melted down wine bottle candleholder or serving dish. Their handmade glassware is guaranteed to be a conversation starter and are even better as a hostess gift.  



Island Dog Design

Man’s best friend deserves to be pampered. With Island Dog Design’s dog beds and crate pads that are made from plant-based foam (derived from rubber tree sap), your furry friend will be snoozing on what feels like a bed of clouds.




Indigo Jones Eats

Satisfy your sweet tooth and bring some chocolaty-marshmallow goodness home with Indigo Jones Eats. The perfect gift for your daughter, grandma, nephew, or cousin twice removed, these tasty morsels are handmade and ready to be devoured!


owls brew

The Owls Brew

Light, fresh and pairs perfectly with your favorite liquor; The Owls Brew is a tea brew that is the perfect partner for when concocting a cocktail. Brewed in large kettles out of Vermont, the ingredients include whole tea leaves, spices herbs, with no added or artificial flavors. Cheers!



La Fundidora

Bust out the tortilla chips, we’re gonna talk about salsa. Send your taste buds south of the border with these small-batch, traditional salsa-making creations by La Fundidora. No chemicals, sweeteners, or acidifiers; only 100% natural, vegan, gluten free fresh ingredients.  





Otis and Eleanor

Dance it out with Otis and Eleanor’s wooden speakers and headphones. Hand made out of natural bamboo and hemp, they are compact and portable so you can have a dance party virtually anywhere.



Heavy Leather NYC

Those who are photographers or aspiring to become one should check out Heavy Leather NYC camera straps. Handmade with special attention to detail and quality, these straps were made to last the wear and tear.


anna-terry-photo-1Anna Terry attended Texas A&M University where she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Communication. She is based out of Austin, TX and is a Marketing Assistant for Ecohabitude. Anna writes for Ecohabitude’s blog and hopes to inspire others to live a socially conscious lifestyle with easy, fun, stylish tips to incorporate into their everyday life.

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