Seller Updates – Feb 2015

Seller Tips v February 10, 2015

We’ve got some great new developments going on here at EcoHabitude. From new selling features, to press and promotional partnerships, there are multitudes of opportunities awaiting you.

Read on for all the updates…


1) New Selling Features

 Updated Categories

We have added a variety of new categories to help customers find your products more conveniently. Categories can be accessed when you “edit a product” or “add (+) a product“.


Tip: Check your existing products to make sure they are in the most efficient categories and keep these new categories in mind for any new products you may be adding to your store!


Added Shipping Rates

In addition to flat-rate and per item shipping, take advantage of our new shipping rate options! Upon login, you can change your shipping rates by going to Setting–>Store Settings.


Add-On Shipping is a combined shipping option that allows sellers to set specific shipping rates in the event that a shopper purchases multiple items in the same visit. It not only allows sellers to save on shipping costs and materials, it encourages shoppers to explore other products in your store and benefit from buying in bulk.


1st item shipping cost= $5.00

additional item(s) shipping cost= $ .50

The new Free Shipping feature gives sellers the opportunity to offer free shipping to shoppers that purchase up to a certain retail amount.


Free Shipping on orders of $75 or more.

TIP: Maximize potential sales by offering flat rate shipping and free shipping.  The lower the free shipping amount, the more likely users will meet that amount to save on shipping.


2) Upload your Spring Items!

As the weather begins to warm up, we’ve noticed that our shoppers are already scoping out products for Spring. Be the first on their radar by stocking up your store with your most recent collections and offerings. To add a new product, go to Create New Product on your store dropdown, or simply click “+” in the product catalog.


3) Press & Sample Gifting We constantly work to get your products and stories on the radar of press! To help keep us posted with the latest, please send us updated information about new product releases and sale announcements, including line sheets, hi res images, and product samples (for our showroom and/or gifting) so that we can use these items in future press pitches.

*For print media, we are pitching at least 6 mos in advance, and up to 3 mos in advance for local/online media. Send all press materials to andrea [at]


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