School’s Out! Summer Activities and DIYs for Kids

DIYs, Kids & Family v July 14, 2016

We are in the middle of summer and for you parents out there, it’s about time school started. Summer camps, water park trips, visiting grandparents, and other big time consuming activities have already been done. What’s left to do with the kiddos? Being cooped up with the TV isn’t an option and with Pokemon Go, people are staring at their phone screens wandering around like mindless zombies. With the kids home for only a month or so left, it’s time to fill those unscheduled hours with an arsenal of DIY at home crafts and activities.  

Camp Out

Before the kiddos go back to school, take them for a camping experience they will never forget. Not the camping type?? No worries, you don’t have to go far into the wild wilderness. Instead opt for a glamping night out in your own backyard. This is glamping now, home comforts are welcome here. Pitch up a tent, teepee, or yurt and fill it up with comfy pillows and blankets. Heck, even throw down a plushy cork matt or blow up air mattress to ensure that your back won’t be feeling the pangs of sleeping on rocks the next morning. Be sure to have bug spray and sunscreen on hand. Nothing ruins a good ol’glamping experience like some pesky mosquitos or looking like a boiled lobster the next day. String string lights all around to ensure your little ones that “monsters” will be warded away  or along the walkway so you can see where you’re going for bathroom breaks inside the house. Grill hot dogs and hamburgers but save room for a tasty late night treats like homemade s’mores. 

Painting With Lil’ Michelangelo

Cultivate your child’s artistic skills with some hands on arts and crafts. You’re not just increasing the chances for your child to become the next Monet, you’re also fostering creativity in your child’s life that can be applied to problem solving, mathematics, science, and self confidence. Whether it’s painting, drawing, coloring, sculpting, smearing, smudging (you get the point) it’s prepare yourself for a mess.  Here’s a fun activity that adults can enjoy as well:


Balloon Dart Painting


-Small balloons

– Balloon pump

– Washable Paint

– Plastic Darts

– Thumbtacks

Canvas or white foam board with white butcher paper taped over it

– Large drop cloth to cover the mess

Step 1. Place the mouth of the balloon over your paint container and squirt a small amount of paint. Then take your pump and fill your balloons and twist off to tie. Make sure you are doing this with a large cloth to cover the floor in case a balloon pops! I highly recommend doing this outdoors near a water hose just in case. 

Step 2. In an area outdoor where you can place your drop cloth on the ground, tape your canvas (or in our case a white foam board with white butcher paper taped over it) somewhere that is low enough for kids to throw darts at. 

Step 3. Attach the balloons with thumbtacks on your canvas. Obviously you want to attach the twisted off ends as to not pop the balloons. 

Step 4. Now have fun and throw darts at the canvas to make a colorful splattered painting!



Rainy days have the kids cooped up in the house?? Don’t turn on the video games and loose your kids to becoming mindless gaming zombies. Put the game boy down and instead bust out the board games. See their competitive streaks come out in full force with games that will test their strategic minds like chess and Chinese checkers. One of my personal favorites growing up was Mancala. It’s easy to play by yourself or with a friend/sibling. Hours and hours of fun were spent beating my family members in the game and I can say I am still the reigning Mancala champ. Board games can be hard to travel with since most of the time they are bulky with long boxes and many tiny pieces to loose. Look for games that are travel friendly and act as their own carrying case. 


Your Own at Home Water Park

Water parks can be fun, but can also be down right gross. Instead, create your very own water park in your backyard. Lay out a long tarp and spray it down with water. Take dish soap or baby oil and sprinkle (generously) all over the tarp. Viola! You have your very own slip and slide! Combine that with a make your own sprinkler?? I am envisioning a water obstacle coarse, any kids (and some adults) dream! When making your own sprinkler, get your kids involved. It’s easy using things that you have around the house and (under adult supervision) can help teach your kids about using power tools. 


Build Your Own Sprinkler


  • Sturdy Plastic Bottle ~ from your recycling bin
  • Tyvek Tape
  • Drill
  • Garden Hose that you can tape to

Step 1. We attached the garden hose to the bottle with Tyvek tape. (I’m sure most any waterproof tape would work.)  

Step 2. The kids drilled a number of holes in the top and sides of the bottle.  Depending on how you want your sprinkler to shoot, will depend on where you place the holes.  The kids wanted water spurting everywhere so choose to drill holes in all directions.



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