Sales Tip – March 2015

Seller Tips v March 15, 2015

Hi Quality Photos Make Your Products Shine

When selling your products online, it’s proven effective to invest in hi-quality images. Great images not only enhance your online store, they also get great attention and encourage more followers on social media. Each item you sell should have product shots that allow the shopper to view the products from multiple angles (ie. front, side, back). When it comes to apparel or accessories, shoppers tend to prefer to view items on a model or body/dress form. Lifestyle images are also a plus – not only for selling the product, but also to familiarize people with your brand! Showing your products in action help shoppers make a more informed decision about what they are purchasing. Lifestyle images also give you the opportunity to set the tone of your brand and tell its story in pictures.


(Product Shot example: Presidio Tote in Army Green by Future Glory Co.)


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