Ready to Break Up With Sugar?

Conscious Living Tips, Gourmet, Healthy Living v October 6, 2015


What’s the world’s recreational drug of choice? Non other than Sugar.

 Although just the thought of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and red velvet cupcakes can make our mouths instantly salivate, a “Credit Suisse report revealed that over $1 trillion of our healthcare costs in the U.S. alone are linked to our overconsumption of sugar”. Being that refined sugar was pretty much non existent in human history, current use of this seductive sweetener is causing a type of “chemical assault” on our bodies. Not to mention (because it’s pretty embarrassing), the USDA says we are consuming about 3 lbs of it on average per week!!

With all the other healthy things we are doing for our body (eating organic, detoxing, exercising, cutting caffeine, drinking plenty of water), could it be time to kick this oh-so-sweet bad habit?

Summer Rayne Oakes thinks so, and although it may be tough (as sweets are her one guilty pleasure) she’s started a website and 30-day detox plan dedicated to it.


Her blog also includes healthy recipes and clean eating tips to keep your journey on track — like “18 Foods That Promote a Healthy Gut Biome”.

Are you ready to break up with sugar? Check out and take the 7-Day Sugar Detox Journey online with Summer from Oct 17- Oct 23.

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Andrea Plell is EcoHabitude’s Director of Communications and the Editor-in-Chief of the EcoHabitude blog. Since 2007, Andrea has been on a mission to support a paradigm shift in the fashion industry. She currently runs her own PR and ethical fashion production company in San Francisco, CA.

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