Rainy Day Guide: Eco-Friendly Fun for Kids

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In the summertime, rainy days can bring an unexpected downpour on our daily activities. While we are forced to surrender to the weather, children can be difficult to convince to stay inside. Many can become bored or anxious being confined to the house all day.

When entertaining the kiddos on a rainy day consider the following:

Tip #1: Avoid Plastic Toys

If you didn’t already notice, plastic is prominent in children’s toy manufacturing– basically, because it’s cheaper to produce. Plastic leaches chemicals that can be absorbed into the body and are found to alter hormones. In fact, 93% of American’s age six or older test positive for BPA (a synthetic compound used in many plastics).

Tip # 2: Turn off the Device

Although children love to play with mommy or daddy’s ipad or cell phone, constant exposure can stunt attention spans. Radiation from your device can also cause complications in a developing young one.

Here are several healthy toy alternatives for your baby, wild adventurer or budding artist:

For the Wee One…

Tiny Luck– Safari Animal Mobile

Safari Animal Mobile Sewing Kit with Wool Felt African Animals BY TINYLUCK

This handmade mobile can be loads of fun for you and your baby! The DIY set is equipped with non-toxic wool felt farm animals, a choice of one of two natural wood hangers and a sewing kit with instructions on how to design and assemble the whole shebang.


Fluffmonger – Falafel the Llama


What child wouldn’t love this adorably handmade plush llama?! Falafel the Llama stands at a little over one foot tall, made with blends of organic cotton fleece, organic cotton knit and hemp. The plush comes from organic USA-grown buckwheat hulls, assembled and embroidered with organic cotton thread/floss. Many of Fluffmonger’s organic fabrics actually come from scraps that have been recycled via a local zero-waste company in North Carolina.


Emy+Annie – Soft Musical Rattles


Delaware-based Emy+Annie makes these rattles out of 100% recycled plastic bottles that are produced into felt and sewn by hand. At about 6 inches tall, the rattles range from frogs to puppies – each equipped with a comforting musical jingle.


Splat and Co.Natural Teething Ring

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This teething ring is just what growing babies need. The hand-knit wool – which is naturally anti-bacterial – comes in two textures for varying gum and tooth pains. The wool is attached to a non-toxic, organic Maplewood ring, which has been soaked in olive oil for a soft and hydrating ring. The all natural ring is made sweatshop-free in British Columbia, Canada and comes in a variety of colors.


For the Budding Artist…

Crayon Rocks USACrayon Rocks


Kentucky-based Crayon Rocks USA makes large, easy-to-hold crayons from non-toxic, all-natural soy. The vegan crayons are also biodegradable and available in 16 different colors!

Sprinkle with Grace Scented Molding Clay

molding clay

This naturally scented play dough is 100% organic, non-toxic and low-carbon. Using only the best local ingredients, all Sprinkle with Grace products are handmade in their New York City studio.


Social Goods Co.Pencil Pouch Set


This pencil set is handmade from recycled newspapers and high quality graphite. The hand painted pouch is 100% cotton – all produced in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

New England Rustic – Memory Matching Game


The good ol’ memory matching game has been revamped into this all-natural, biodegradable and non-toxic version. The cylindrical, wood cards are taken from birch trees that fell over as a result of New England ice storms. Vermont-based company New England Rustic hand makes all their products.

For the Adventurous One…

Little Turtle’s Tipi – Tipi


This large tipi comes in three sizes, ranging from 4 to 6 feet tall. It is made in Montana with natural materials like canvas, solid wood and accents of hand-tanned leather, imitation eagle feathers and abalone shells. The canvas is hand painted, stained and air brushed. It takes less than a minute to set up – sure to make any rainy day inside a fun one!


Manzanita KidsModular Tree House

modular treehouse

This all-natural wooded tree house brings the outdoors in! Seattle-based Manzanita Kids hand makes a wide range of non-toxic, low-carbon toys for a fantastic playtime. This particular toy comes with several movable ladders and panels for a variety of styles and tons of fun!

Sprinkle with Grace – iSpy Jar

ispy jar
This iSpy Jar is a bottle of fun. Amongst the colored rice are 20 different miscellaneous items for your child’s enjoyment. Everything is sourced locally in New York City, as well as handmade in their NYC studio.

Create It GirlHot Air Balloon Lantern

hot air balloon

So, maybe they won’t be able to play inside a hot air balloon – but this will definitely entice your child’s imagination! The 10-inch multicolored lantern is handmade in Texas from 100% post-industrial recycled materials. The fun embellishments come in several different colors!


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