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Time to pop the cork on an eco-friendly material trend…

Cork. It’s there to notify you of appointments as a board; to give comfort to your feet and make you three inches taller as a wedge; to act as a barrier between your damp drink and that heirloom table as a coaster, and more importantly, the stopper between you and that heavenly wine. Unknowingly, this eco-friendly material pops up as a major part in our everyday lives. But the real question is…what is cork? Where does it come from? Is it grown or manufactured? We did some research on this wondrous biodegradable, renewable, and recyclable material and this is what we found:

Cork is obtained from the trunk of the Cork Oak (Quercus suber) located mainly in Southern Europe and Northern Africa. The harvest of cork comes from the bark of the tree and can only be harvested every nine years. This causes no damage to the tree and the bark can grow back naturally without the need of herbicides or fertilization. The positive impact on the environment from cork harvesting results in maintaining the wildlife in these forests and preserving cork trees that have been living for hundreds of years. Not to mention, the industry that produces cork has lower waste because of the renewable qualities cork possesses.

From the fashion world to home décor, cork is a trendy eco-friendly material that is easy to incorporate into your already existing wardrobe or home.


For the Home

We are well acquainted with cork’s use as stoppers and coasters. Here are some examples of cork being used in your everyday items, as well as, items that you may have not known contain the eco-friendly material.

*Transcend Umbria Oil & Vinegar Decanters, Set of 2

transcend decanters


*Rehabulous Snack and Dip Melted Wine Bottle Serving Dish (Blue)


*Bizalion Fleur de Sel de Camargue, France


*Pillobebe CorkiMat™ – Pebbles Combo


For your Wardrobe

Cork for shoes? Groundbreaking… But really yes it is. Cork is a stable, light-weight and comfortable material. It only makes sense that it is used for shoes like wedges and is a suitable substitute for vegan made shoes. Designers have become craftier in their use of cork. Its appearance in other fashion accessories other than shoes is a fresh take on this trendy eco friendly material.


*Mistura Canada Cork Wallet


*Mistura Canada Cork Watch- Avanti


*Olsen Haus Catalina



*Olsen Haus Modern


If you’re not convinced of the multifunctional use of cork, just get on pinterest. There you will find a million and one ways to incorporate cork into your life. From DIY cork made planters for your succulents, to name-cards recycled from upcycled cork stoppers, as well as a wall made entirely up of cork (think of all the organization you can get done with a wall of cork!). Cork is an excellent choice to fill your home and wardrobe with because it’s a material that is sustainable to the environment. And that is a choice that will always be in style.




anna-terry-photo-1Anna Terry attended Texas A&M University where she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Communication. She is based out of Austin, TX and is a Marketing Assistant for Ecohabitude. Anna writes for Ecohabitude’s blog and hopes to inspire others to live a socially conscious lifestyle with easy, fun, stylish tips to incorporate into their everyday life.

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  • Leslie

    Thanks for the research on cork. What a great material and I hope it does become used in more things! Who knows, maybe some day cellphones will be made out of cork considering they generally get replaced anyways within 2 years 🙂

  • Tatyana

    Yep cork is amazing! It also has suberin which gives it great antimicrobial properties.

  • Yes! Cork is a great sustainable natural material! After each harvest the cork tree fully regenerates its precious bark and can be harvested over and over again until the tree reaches approximately 200 years of age.

    Cork deserves attention: it’s elastic, soft, waterproof, fireproof, and buoyant. Plus, it’s completely sustainable, environmentally friendly, and easily recyclable. Cork can be processed into fantastic shapes for various uses in modern interiors, fitting into a green lifestyle perfectly, on design. So proud of using this great material on our product!

    Breathe and Play on CorkiMat™!

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