Nail Art DIY: Beach Ombre

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Goddess Knot Bikini by Vesika Pisces

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: tape, petroleum jelly, makeup sponge, water, spray bottle, nail polish remover, small bowl, Q-tips, D.I.D. Nail Paint in Cloud 9, Surfboard, Duchess, Happy and Finish eco-friendly polishes.



1. Begin your DIY manicure with clean fingernails that are filed at the same length.

2. To maximize the saturation of the design, paint a coat of D.I.D. Nail Paint’s white polish, called Cloud 9, on each nail. Allow this coat to dry before Step 3.


3. Using basic scotch tape, cover the skin around your nail, to prevent messy excess polish.

4. With a Q-tip, take petroleum jelly to cover the remaining areas of skin surrounding the nail. This will protect your skin from polish in unwanted areas.

5. Apply D.I.D.’s yellow “Happy,” dark blue “Duchess” and turquoise “Surfboard” onto your makeup sponge like so: 6Y6A9206

6. Using the freshly painted sponge, dab along the nail to create the desired, striped effect. Repeat this process several times, reapplying polish to sponge as needed. Allow the polish to completely dry before moving on.


7. In a small bowl of water, place a few drops of D.I.D.’s Cloud 9. After the nail paint expands in a circle, use the polish remover-filled spray bottle to spray the surface of the water/polish mixture. A weird, bubbly surface will appear. This is good!


8. Fingernail facing down towards the bowl, drag your nail through the mixture. This weird, bubbly surface should now be on your fingernail. Scrape excess gunk off – although the petroleum jelly and tape should help with keeping your fingers clean.



9. Repeat Steps 7 and 8 for each nail!

10. Use a Q-tip and polish remover to remove any remaining polish from the skin.


11. After completely drying, apply D.I.D.’s top coat, called “Finish” on every nail.


Pro-tip: Dip wet nails in ice cold water for speedy drying!

phoebe-gillan-photoPhoebe Gillan is from San Francisco and has lived in Manhattan for a year. She is studying Strategic Design & Management at Parsons School of Design, in her second year of their Bachelor of Business Administration program. When she’s not working on EcoHabitude’s blog or social media platforms, she loves to explore New York City rooftops, upcycle her clothes and learn new languages.

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  • Tatyana

    Love it! Love the gradient look, the summer feel. Pined!