Movember is Here!

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I Mustache You A Question

It’s almost that time again. The time when the guys around us grow their beards out so that they all start to look like they’re in the musical group ZZ Top. Just throw some plaid shirts on them and they could pass off as lumber jacks. Movember (or also known as “No Shave November”) is an event during the month of November where men around the world are encouraged to grow out their facial hair to raise awareness for men’s health issues. These issues could include raising awareness for cancer screening, depression in men, and effective treatment options. The goal is to “Change the face of men’s health”.


So with Movember right around the corner, it doesn’t matter if you grow a waist-length beard or grow a goatee; either way you’ll need to keep it in check. Here are some tips and products to use on your stubble so that it grows to become a brag worthy beard.


A Prickly Subject

The beginning stage of any man’s beard is never a pretty sight. The five o’clock shadow gives way to patchy, uneven growth. You can make the transition a lot smoother by using beard oil as soon as you decide to grow it out. Beard oil aids in the growth of your beard and sooths your skin. By stimulating the circulation in your face while you rub in the oil you ensure healthy hair follicle growth and skin.   


Now that you have a little somethin-somethin to work with, you have to worry about maintaining and taming those wild hairs from making you look like a crazy bearded homeless man. I would suggest starting in the shower. Unlike regular shampoos that you use on your head, beard shampoos are specifically formulated for your beard. Using regular shampoo on your beard leads to dry skin on your face and an unpleasant lingering taste around your mouth. Because of this, most men skimp out on a good beard washing and don’t get all of the food particles or dead skin out. (Beard-druff? BLEHHH!) Beard shampoo is a pleasant smelling and mild cleanser. Be sure to lather your beard up and rinse thoroughly. Beard conditioner is optional and if used should only be applied once a week and then rinsed out. (It is suggested for those with course beards to ensure that it is soft and manageable) Once you have completely rinsed off the beard shampoo/conditioner, run a beard comb through your wet hair to ensure that all of the cleanser is out and that there are no tangles.  


Now that your beard is nice and clean, let’s talk about styling. Moustache wax is an easy option that can help you style and control your stache. (Plus no one likes having their hair in their mouth) A little goes a long way, so take a sparing amount and rub in between your fingers. Style to your hearts desire. Get creative with it! The facial possibilities are limitless…


beard wash

Bushrangers Brew*: Organic Beard Wash



woodsy beard oil

Original Organics Herbals*: Beard Oil-Woodsy/Men’s Apothecary


whisker balm

SAF Organics*: Beard & Mustache Wax


woodworks beard comb

Big T Woodworks*: Beard Comb Wood


shave kit bears beauty

Bear’s Beauty*: Papa Bear Beard & Shave Kit


shave oil

SAF Organics*: Whisker Elixer Shaving Oil


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