Michael McHale Shines at Arch Digest Show

Featured Sellers, Home v April 3, 2015

What people want in lighting, and what they actually buy, are two completely separate things. – Michael McHale

What we have learned from Michael McHale is that people are usually visually attracted to innovative, exciting and cutting-edge light fixtures, but when it comes time to make a purchase, they end up with generic, ornate pieces similar to what they already own. As a solution and a response to this historically frustrating truth, Michael created the Matrix Chandelier (2.0) Collection, which he debuted at the Architectural Digest Show this month.


The frame of the Matrix Chandelier is an updated version of The Raw Collection, offering more variety and less individuality. What makes this collection a completely new concept in the lighting industry is its core: a grid-like formation designed with attachable “additions” that completely transform the aesthetic style of the piece. This eliminates particularity and allows Michael to reach a wider breadth of customers by offering functionality and versatility through one product.


Using 405 stainless steel from South Dakota, Michael hand crafts the fixture in his Brooklyn studio while including custom 3D-printed elements he creates on site. He looks forward to a busy Spring season ahead, as he is one of the top vendors at the Arch Digest show to obtain orders on the floor in his brilliantly lit booth.

To view some of our Michael McHale favorites, you can visit his store here.



Article by Carly Mento





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