Join The Fashion Revolution and Find Out Who Made Your Clothes

Conscious Living Tips v April 17, 2016

Fashion Revolution Day is April 24th! Time to turn your outfit inside-out, expose the tags, and find out who made your clothes. What began as a response to the worst garment factory disaster to date, the Rana Plaza complex collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh that killed 1,134 and injured over 2,500 in 2013, has ignited an international movement demanding transparency and radical change in the way our clothes are sourced, produced and purchased.
For the past three years this momentous grassroots campaign, consisting of tens of thousands of supporters in over 80 countries, has encouraged consumers to “be curious, find out, do something” by engaging on social media with the brands they purchase fashion from and asking the question: “#WhoMadeMyClothes?”

This year, Fashion Revolution is going even bigger by extending into Fashion Revolution Week kicking off on April 18th with the launch of a “Transparency Index” assessing the supply chains of 40 top selling fashion brands, as well as a Fashion Question Time at the House of Parliament, bringing together policy makers, brands, retailers, press and influencers (you can follow the hashtag #FQT for live updates) 

Other activities will be happening across the globe including film screenings, pop-ups, panel discussions and clothing swaps. 

Here’s How You Can Participate

1. Ask Who Made Your Clothes

Take a moment on social to get the attention of the brand that you bought your piece of clothing from. Turn the piece of clothing inside-out, showing the label and snap a pic. Hashtag your post with #whomademyclothes making sure to tag the brand to get their attention.

For example:

I’m [your name] and I would like to thank the people who make my clothes.

Hi [brand], #whomademyclothes ?

Andrea Fashion Revolution Who Made My Clothes

Andrea, EcoHabitude’s Communications Director is exposing her tag for Amour Vert – an ethical brand based in San Francisco


If you are a brand, show the people who made their clothes by printing out an “I made your clothes”, “I made my clothes”, or “I made your accessories” sign and taking a photo with it. Post it on social media for all to see. Other brand resources, including a guide, can be found here.

agata cossac

Agata Natalia is the designer for UK based COSSAC ethical fashion


2. Do a Haulternative

A haulternative is a different kind of haul video. Instead of doing a video about all the stuff that you bought, do a video about some of your existing clothing. There are different themes you can choose from: “Love Story”, “Broken and Beautiful” and “Fashion Fix”. Check out the downloadable guide, which also includes helpful sample scripts.

3. Attend events near you

There are so many events  going on, in over 80 countries, to raise awareness for the Fashion Revolution and encourage transparency in the fashion industry. You can find a list of events near you by clicking here!

Can’t find something going on near you? Host your own Fashion Revolution get-together with friends and watch The True Cost on Netflix.

4. Find out more before you buy

Just like with your food, get in the habit of checking the labels on potential new clothing to see where it’s made, what the material is and do your research. Instead of buying new, visit second-hand, charity and vintage shops or go to a clothing swaps – even host your own!


Check out Fashion Revolution’s How to Be a Fashion Revolutionary for tips and even more ways to get involved!


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