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Traveling, no matter how long the distance, can be stressful. Packing for unknown weather conditions, the battle through TSA, delays! This summer, take flight prepared by considering these tips to keep you cozy, entertained and looking fabulous on your travel day:

What’s in my carry on?

Otis & EleanorBamboo Earbudsotis

Whether you’re listening to music or watching a movie, earbuds are essential for any length of travel! These 100% natural bamboo earbuds provide quality acoustics and a tangle-less cord made from hemp. New York-based Otis & Eleanor works with small manufacturers, in order to maintain personal relationships and fair wages for their suppliers.


Meridian JacobsCream Wool Shawl

meridian jacobs cream wool

Airplanes can be two things: cold and dry. Even if your destination is tropically humid, don’t forget to bring a little something to keep you cozy on the plane. This luxurious shawl is handwoven in the USA from 100% wool grown in Northern California. Natural of origin, wool is breathable, waterproof and very resilient. Warm and compact, this shawl wont take up much room in your carry on and can double as a blanket for an en route cat nap.


Simply Natural ClothingAlpaca Sport Socks

sport socks

The first thing I do after finally being seated on an airplane is take my shoes off and put on a fresh, fuzzy pair of socks. These socks are knit from 100% alpaca (cruelty free) grown and processed in the USA.  Soft, comfortable, and breathable, the natural alpaca fiber wicks away moisture– keeping your feet warm and dry.


Social Goods Co.Pencil Pouch Set

pencil pouch

If you get antsy during travel, drawing materials can be handy to provide you with creative release and a sense of productivity. We like these super cute pencil sets by Social Goods Co! Handmade in the USA from recycled newspapers and high quality graphite, the pencil set comes conveniently stored in a reusable cotton pouch.



By Nieves – The Balm 2oz

Airplanes recirculate and purify air as they soar, which is why the inside of a plane can be so dry. To keep your skin hydrated, pack an all-in-one balm. We love By Nieves The Balm because it nourishes everything from your hands to your face and lips — it’s also a great on-the-spot styler for your hair. The blend of aromatherapeutic essential oils will help you relax during a long flight. Be sure to get the 2oz so you can toss it in your carry on, otherwise scoop enough for your trip into a smaller reusable.

Mastering the Jet Setter look:


What Daisy DidNatural Leather Multipocket Backpack

leather backpack

Apart from being the latest trend, leather backpacks are the perfect carry-on for traveling. This What Daisy Did sac is handmade from recycled leather of factory offcuts and is waterproofed naturally. The UK company is Bafts Fair Trade certified and the bags are made fair trade by skilled artisans in India.


Olsenhaus Pure Vegan – Howl Bootie

olsen haus howl

It may seem counterintuitive to wear heeled booties like these trudging through an airport. Here’s our logic: it’s best to wear the biggest shoes you’ll be taking with you when packing light. Chunky slip-ons are great for security screening and pumps – well, you never know who you’ll run into. These Olsen Haus Pure Vegan shoes are made from a special microsuede made from recycled television screens.


Kristinit – Camel Coco Coat

coco coat

An oversized, neutral tone coat is necessary for any jet setter. This 100% organic wool coat is produced in the USA with all-natural materials, under sweatshop-free standards. What’s more — 5% of proceeds go to animal preservation charities.


Mistura Canada – Stone Sunglasses

mistura canada stone sunglasses

Master the ultra cool with large, dark-as-possible sunglasses. You will look awesome and sleep much better on the plane. These particular Mistura Canada shades are handmade from recycled PAP (paper, aluminum and plastic) materials.


& Don’t Forget…


Pima Doll – Twisted Strap Dress

pima doll shift

No matter where you’re going, you can never go wrong with a simple LBD (little black dress). This Pima Doll LBD is one piece that is easy to dress-up or dress down.. you could even wear this baby by the pool. Super comfy, the shift dress is made from an all-natural cotton jersey blend in Bedford, NY.


Andaloo – English Rose Garden Natural Soy Candle

andaloo candle

Scents have a way of sticking with us. The comforting smell of home can work wonders for feeling homesick or out of place. Pack your favorite candle, lotion or perfume to snap out of any negative feelings. This English Rose Garden candle is handmade in California out of 100% natural soy.


IX Style – Huarache Leather Sandal

ix style sandal

You may be wearing your uncomfortable pumps on the plane – but you’ll need flats once you get there. Regardless of destination, you’ll want to do a little exploring i.e. walking shoes! Artisans in Guatemala make these shoes, sweatshop-free through fair trade practices and for every pair purchased, IX Style donates clean drinking water to children. Plus, they come in a dozen fun colors to match whatever wardrobe you’ve packed.


Elegant Rose Boutique – Charcoal Shampoo and Body Bar

For the light packer, this 2-in-one bar works wonders for hair and skin. Handmade and all natural, Elegant Rose Boutique‘s shampoo and body bars are loaded with jojoba & argan oils, shea, coco and mango butters and soothing aloe vera — topped off with a scrumptious coconut butter creme scent! What’s more, the bar eliminates the need for wasteful hotel-sized plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles.



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