How to Create Your Own Outdoor Summer Sanctuary or Zen Space

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The thick of summer is here and whilst friends are frolicking off to Hawaii, Europe, Bangkok and the like, some of us are stuck with work to do. Whether you’ve got that 9 to 5 or you work from home, you can still create a summer escape to enjoy at your own abode. A true vacation is not about where you are physically, it’s about how you perceive your surroundings, so creating an ideal space that’s cozy, colorfully pleasing, and let’s you free your mind is key. Design your own stay-cation sanctuary that you can revisit again and again with these simple steps…


Tables, Chairs & Such

The first thing to consider when building your summer space is to consider what you want to happen there. Is this space a place to entertain, read emails, eat breakfast, watch projected movies with friends, meditate or all of the above?  Keep this is mind while thinking first of your foundation pieces like furniture. For example, you may want to host some outdoor gatherings, but use the same space for your morning yoga routine. In that case, you can achieve both with a foldable table and benches that can be easily stored or moved to the side when not in use. Check out your local thrift or second-hand store to find great furniture pieces for a steal, or if you choose to buy new, try to find reclaimed furniture or pieces made locally from ethically sourced materials.


Pillows, Rugs, Tapestries

Next, you’ll want to figure out your theme and color scheme. Want to recreate a place or experience you’ve once visited that made you feel good or perhaps design your space to be inspired by a place you have yet to visit? Whether you’re going for minimal to Moroccan feel, seek out pillows, rugs and tapestries that bring your vision to life.  If you’re crafty, you could make your own. If not, find artisan made or fair trade. 



Be sure not to deny your outdoor space living plant life. Adding succulents, terrariums, herbs, grasses, and hanging potted plants will also add pops of green to your masterpiece. There are many ways to house your plants from simple ready made pots to recycling old mason jars, cans, and other used household items to creatively accent and enhance your overall theme.



Another necessary accent to your zen space is light which tends to be the center of any gathering as well as the focus for a mediation session. Depending on the mood you are going for, strings of hanging lights, lanterns or a simple row of tea light candles can set a dreamy, romantic tone, while a recycled patron bottle tiki torch can turn up the party. Feel out what fits best with your ideal vision.


Attention to Detail 

Ok, so now for the small things that speak big for your space. To keep your summer escape place functional and sans the knick knack nightmare, try to keep it simple. Adding items like coasters, a floating vase, a basket of sentiments or a teepee filled with cozy blankets can feng shui your space and make your guests comfortable too. For more ideas, check out our pinterest board for inspiration and consciously made products to integrate into your space




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