His & Hers Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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I stink at buying gifts. It takes me hours and even days to come up with a gift idea for a friend. I put pressure on myself because I want it to be thoughtful and creative, but the process is exhausting and most of the time my friend would have been happy with just a bottle of wine. What’s worse is buying a gift for a significant other.  The back and forth conversation you have with yourself: Did I spend enough? Oh shoot, I spent way too much. Will they like it? We haven’t even been dating very long, what should I get him/her?  

We’ve broken it down for you with a “his” and “her” Valentines Day gift guide. So whether you’ve been dating for just a month or have been married for blank number of years; searching for this year’s Valentines Day gift will be easy-peasy. You should celebrate your love everyday, but this Valentines Day give a little something extra that shows how much you truly care.


Dating For a Month ($50 and below)

Ahhh love. It’s brand new, it’s exciting, and it’s fun. Shower your valentine with love in the form of jewelry, bath products, and more.

For Him

zig zag beanie

*Myrrhia: Men’s Zig Zag beanie


red bracelet

*Socialmen: The King Collection



*Classic Barber: 24K Gold



For Her


love kit

*Original Organics Herbals: Herbal LOVE Kit


herkimer diamonds

* SteamyLab: Herkimer Diamonds


tanga black

*Les Lunes: George V-Tanga


Dating For a Year(s) ($50-$150)

Yahooo! You’ve made it a year (or more) into your relationship. Some major historical landmarks in your relationship were probably met and now it’s become a lot more serious. Let them know how special they are to you with stylish bags, chic grooming sets, and spa products.

For Him

shaving kit

*Noctua-Diem: Shaving Kit


rowan satchel

*What Daisy Did: Rowan Satchel



For Her

vday spa set

 * EssenShea: Valentines Day Spa Kit 


cotton tail

* Gunas: Cottontail


Married ($150+)

Luckily for you, you have found the valentine to spend the rest of your life with. Surprise them with a gift that will stand the test of time like a handmade wooden watches, face serum to stop time from marching across your face, and a luxurious robe to wrap yourself in.

For Him



*Garwood Watches: Kuta Wood Watch


leather ring

*Dapper Designs: Square Leather Inlay Ring

face serum

*Immunocologie: Face Serum


For Her


presidio tote

*Future Glory Company: Presidio Tote


wrap robe

 *Hanna Broer Design: Wrap Robe


ava scarf

*Ala Mairi: Ava Scarf


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