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As seasons change, our bodies do their best to adapt. In the summertime, due to high temperatures and humidity, our bodies try to under compensate by producing less natural oils — which can cause dryness of the skin, scalp and hair. Being in the sun and/or over-washing your hair, can also strip your natural oils. Below are several tips, tricks and product suggestions to maintain healthy locks during dry summer days (+ some pointers for oily hair that know no season):


For Dry/Damaged Hair



Andaloo – Magnolia Dreams Hair Shampoo


Made with Hawaiian Awapuhi extract, this exhilarating shampoo repairs damage with vitamin E and B complex – keeping hair looking and feeling healthy. As if that’s not enough, you’ll be smelling fantastic as this paraben and synthetic free formula has a soft floral scent that’s sensual, yet grounded by subtle notes of white musk and vanilla bean.



Kesh Beauty – Pure Argan Oil

kesh beauty

Argan oil is a true gift to damaged and/or dry hair, due to its immensely hydrating and restorative properties. New Jersey-based Kesh Beauty uses the oil in its purest form: unscented and organically cold-pressed from Morocco. One of the great things about Argan oil is its ability to be applied anywhere. It works wonders for the softness and durability of hair, but is also ideally absorbent for the skin and will not clog pores. For best results, apply a small amount to wet or damp hair after showering.



[Terra]cotta Paste – Glow Mist

terre cotta paste

This refreshing spray is the perfect on-the-go treatment for dry hair. The naturally non-toxic blend contains rosewater, aloe, witch hazel and sweet almond oil. This combination works to balance the pH of hair, resulting in more controlled oil production.


Do-It-Yourself Mask:


Rich, healthy oils can be just as good for your hair as your body. Better yet – these natural moisturizers most likely already reside in kitchen. Avocados, bananas, olive oil and eggs are my personal favorite hair masks – all leaving your hair feeling silky smooth for days to come.

Try the egg mask… After cracking the egg into a bowl, beat the whites and yolk together as if you were making scrambled eggs. With clean hands, rinse the mixture through your hair. Use sparingly on the top of your head, but liberally towards the ends (where hair is usually the most damaged/dry). After about 10 minutes, your hair will be slightly hardened and not smell as nice as it did before. At this time, hop in the shower and rinse. Follow with your normal shampoo/conditioner routine. I recommend doing this mask (or any other) when your hair is relatively unwashed, as your hair will be more susceptible to absorbing what you put in it.


For Oily Hair


Herbs + Oils Bath – Mineral Shampoo Oily/Norm Hair


This organic shampoo is a blend of stimulating extracts, such as seaweed, mint and cypress oils. The seaweed extract is a strong detoxifier, which removes the oily impurities and revitalizes in its place. The cypress essential oil acts as an astringent, absorbing oil and toxins to be flushed out of hair from roots to ends.



[Terra]cotta Paste – Herbal Vinegar Hair Rinse

terre cotta paste

[Terra]cotta Paste knows exactly what oily hair needs this summer. When hair is dry from summer heat, your body wants to compensate by producing more oil. The acidity (naturally low pH level) of herbal vinegar actually works to ease the oil production caused by basic (high pH levels) hair. This product works best as a rinse as opposed to a spray. Use liberally in the shower, leave for several minutes and rinse.



Herbs + Oils Bath – Sea + Salt Hair Mist


Without drying out hair, this sea salt spray creates the perfect, beachy texture. The salt is dually oil-absorbing and moisturizing on the hair. The additional combination of aloe vera and lavender is extremely beneficial for restorative purposes.


Do-It-Yourself Mask


For oily hair, the trick to reducing oil secretion is all in the pH levels. Anything that is acidic (low pH) will balance out the pH of your hair. When hair has a high pH level and considered basic (read: dry), your body will try and compensate by producing more oil. Remedies for this exist everywhere – from apple cider vinegar to tomatoes.

Try the vinegar mask… This mask is best to be used in the shower. With just a few tablespoons of apple cider or white vinegar, rinse the liquid through your hair after you have already shampooed/conditioned. This way, the acidity will stay in your hair a little longer, but your hair is already protected by the shampoo/conditioner, preventing it from drying out. Rinse through after 2 minutes and enjoy the results!



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