Guest Editor’s: Dress Well, Do Good

Editor's Picks v May 6, 2016

Our featured editor’s this week are Ellie and Elizabeth – two friends on a journey making ethical, yet attainable, fashion decisions by gaining more understanding of how their buying decisions affect others. With their blog Dress Well, Do Good they hope to encourage and inspire others to enter the conversation on conscious shopping and lifestyle choices.



How did y’all meet?
We had a mutual friend introduce us about 10 years ago and say, ‘You guys need to be friends – you have a lot in common.” We were both newly married (we had gotten married on the same weekend before we knew each other), Elizabeth had just moved to Austin from Dallas, and we started meeting for coffee once a week to talk about life, books, food and crafts. We’ve lived a lot of life together since then, with many moves, babies, job changes and more and it’s only made us better and closer friends.  
What (or who) introduced you two to living a socially conscious lifestyle?
For Elizabeth, it spun out of an environmental lens – her degree is in Landscape Architecture and she has always had a concern for caring for the earth and its inhabitants. Their idea that our actions, large and small, affect others and have the power to improve or degrade their living conditions is central to how she makes her decisions. It was a natural extension to apply this to fashion, especially with her design background! When a dear friend became a Noonday ambassador, her eyes were opened to the fact that there were companies focused on improving the world through the creation of clothing and accessories! 
For Ellie – Ellie was first introduced to International Justice Mission and what they were doing to fight social injustice when she was in college. Noonday Collection came into her life when it first started and she was so encouraged to see a way that her purchases could make a difference in real people’s lives. Ellie’s friendship with Beth has sparked many conversations over the years about the ways they can practically work to do their part in changing the world. 
What tips do you have for someone who is trying to make lifestyle changes so that they are more socially conscious?
Give yourself grace and time. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you need to overhaul everything right now! Take it slow – one step at a time. We have a great post on 5 Ways to Shop Ethically on a Budget because we think one of the biggest challenging in taking steps to become more socially conscious with fashion is the increased cost. 
What’s currently at the top of your lust list and why?
For Elizabeth, The Penelope Color Blocked Ponte Dress because it is a classic black dress with gorgeous construction and detailing to make it extra special.
For Ellie, The Panthera Jumpsuit because it is so chic and feminine. It’s the perfect piece that is both understated and eye catching. 
If you were to have three “famous” people join you for a coffee date, who would they be? And why?
Michelle Obama because her poise, sense of style and intelligence is impeccable – she exudes confidence and class! Julia Childs because she could cook us a killer meal complete with humor. Audrey Hepburn because her legacy of kindness and her humanitarian career helping those less fortunate than her is an inspiration, not to mention her iconic style. 
If you each had one super power to help change the world, what would it be? 
Teleporting so we could visit factories, sewing centers, and help with communications on those things! 

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