Guest Editor Picks: Style Wise

Editor's Picks, Fashion v October 23, 2015
Leah Wise has her degree in Religious Studies with a concentration in ethics from Florida State University. She manages a local thrift shop and runs an online vintage store, Platinum and Rust, by day and spends evenings writing on fair trade issues in the fashion industry at Style Wise. She believes that buying ethically means living ethically, so she’s happy to be able to support local causes through her day job and participate in the wider fair trade community through her blog. Leah lives with her grad student husband in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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EH: Describe your style in one sentence. 
LW: I’m attracted to graphic prints and art-inspired pieces, but always with a casual spin.
EH: What’s at the top of your lust list and why?
LW: The N.U.S.K. asymmetric striped dress. I love the asymmetry, the stripes, and that is has a bit of a swing shape inspired by 1960s dresses.
EH: How do you lead a conscious lifestyle?
LW: By trying to be conscious of how my choices and behavior affect others. I manage a thrift shop, so daily interaction with a variety of customers is a really good exercise in examining my intentions. I believe that the key to being a more conscious consumer is being a more conscious person generally, so I also joined a community organizing group this year to work on local justice initiatives. I think we have to flex our moral muscle as often as possible – empathizing with others and fighting the systems that lead to and enforce inequality clarify what the best way forward is for all of us. It’s great that there are so many companies pursuing ethical ways of doing business and I try to support them whenever I can, as well.

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