Guest Editor: Nataliya Ogle of Style Tomes

Editor's Picks v February 3, 2016
I started Style Tomes as a personal outlet for self-expression. I struggled with body image issues for over a decade, so it’s important to inspire my readers to love them for being themselves. Self-acceptance and confidence are very difficult to nourish, but I’m a proven case that with the right mindset, women (and men) can grow and flourish no matter the circumstance or what the culture dictates as “perfection”. There are enough opinions and criticisms to derail our self-actualization journey without me adding to the mix. I’m hoping to inspire independence- style is developed by being unique and by not being afraid to experiment!
Describe your style in one sentence.
I’m a style chameleon and risk taker who fuses NYC downtown cool vibes with current trends.
What is at the top of your lust list and why?
Alexandra Groover’s Pistil Slip Dress because it’s so versatile! Plus it reminds me of ’90s Kate Moss. 

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How do you lead a conscious lifestyle?
I don’t shop at fast-fashion shops anymore. If I do wind up something from them, it’s because I bought it from a thrift-store. I only eat meat when I know it’s a small farm endeavor where Bessie has been shown love and care all her life. Basically, eating meat/poultry is a very rare thing in my life.
Look: Sophie Hard Baguette  (Jess Rizutti)// Ines Pullover (Callina)// Pyramid Dress (Myrrhia Fine Knitwear) // Coil Ring (Ways of Change) // Kan Bo Choker (Ways of Change) // Layered Cuffs (Ways of Change) // Precious Wood Sunglasses (IWood Ecodesign) // Marc Jacobs Sandals (Resale only, Fall 2006 collection) 

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