Guest Editor: Chic For Good

Editor's Picks v May 29, 2016
Cassandra created her blog, Chic For Good, to inspire others to think twice about who makes their clothes and to be mindful of where their money is going. She believes that fashion can be used as a positive tool for change and is passionate about supporting companies that are ethical in their practices and production. 


“Fashion is an art. It’s a form of self-expression. But it’s also a largely powerful industry. With great power comes great responsibility, and much of that responsibility lies in our hands as consumers. Supporting brands that are chic, timeless and ethical helps communities thrive, sends young people to school and allows mothers to support their children.” 

What (or who) introduced you to a socially conscious lifestyle?
I was first introduced to socially conscious fashion through a company called Trades of Hope, which I just stumbled upon on a blog one day. They make fair trade scarves and jewelry. I then did my own personal research and watched the True Cost documentary, which opened my eyes to the injustices caused by the fast-fashion industry. 
What tips do you have for someone who is trying to make lifestyle changes so that they are more socially conscious?
I would say to take it slow and make it enjoyable for yourself. It’s impossible to change your entire lifestyle in one day-don’t be too legalistic about it. Decide you want to live more socially conscious and from that point forward, be more intentional with your purchases. 


What is at the top of your lust list and why?
I would say the COSSAC tent dress- I love a breezy, effortless look. 


If you were to have three “famous” people join you for a coffee date, who would they be? And why?
Emma Watson (I love Harry Potter and she’s a huge supporter of the slow-fashion movement), Anna Wintour (she just seems so put together) and Steve Carrell (I think he’s hilarious). 
If you had one super power to help change the world, what would it be? 
I would love to have the power to change people’s minds. I’d make everyone proponents of slow-fashion 😉

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