Green Your Routine: Men’s Grooming

Beauty, Conscious Living Tips, Mens v July 28, 2015

Attention: dapper dudes everywhere! We know how hard it can be to maintain a hairstyle in the summer heat. However, strong holds and pristine clean don’t have to equate to harsh chemicals. Sacrifice nothing with eco-friendly, non-toxic alternatives for a greener grooming routine. From skincare to beard maintenance, you can have style and peace of mind….

Whisker Taming

Instead of the what the **** blue goop from the drugstore, try Crazy Cat Lady Concoctions – Whisker Wax For Unruly Hair Everywhere. This waxy substance has a balmy consistency, working wonders to tame out-of-place hair. The wax is handmade from a combination of nutrient-rich vegan, organic and biodegradable ingredients, producing a strong salve for the toughest of hair and it’s made ethically in Pennsylvania.


Or, make your own …



Beard Essence

Instead of potent colognes with mysterious ingredients, try a natural bead oil that won’t give your partner a headache. Land O Lakes based Original Organics hand makes this moisturizing beard oil in three different scents: woodsy, earthy and spicy. The conditioning mixture combines almond oil, avocado oil and vitamin E extract, adding shine and nourishment.


Or, make your own…



The Post Shave

Instead of alcohol-based aftershaves, try [Terra]cotta Paste – Mint Zinger Aftershave in a soothing, alcohol-free serum. With natural ingredients like witch hazel, clove oil and citric acid, the combination naturally prevents razor burn and over drying. [Terra]cotta Paste is naturally produced in Michigan with non-toxic, biodegradable materials. Another option, Cobalt Mens Post Shave Face Lotion by Painted Earth Skincare & Cosmetics, naturally reduces small razor burn and redness due to its botanical ingredients. Apart from essential oils, these unique ingredients include green tea, Reishi mushroom and aloe Vera. The aftershave lotion is a cruelty-free product made out of Roswell, Georgia.

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Or, try aloe…




Instead of using deodorant or anti-perspirant’s with aluminum, try Rustic Maka – Pachy Deodorant Men Rough Rivers which contains no parabens or other synthetic materials. We also like Elegant Rose Boutique – Three Kings Natural Deodorant. True to its name, the deodorant is made with the oils cassia, clove, sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh. Elegant Rose Boutique hand makes their natural products in Howell, Michigan.


Or, try baking soda or cornstarch…



Washing Your Face

Instead of using any old hand soap to wash your face, try Painted Earth Skincare & Cosmetics – Mens Cobalt Face & Body WashThis all-purpose liquid cleanser is designed for the naturally courser skin of a man, with antioxidant rich essential oils and healing fatty acids. Painted Earth Skincare & Cosmetics is a US based company, using all-natural, organic and cruelty free materials. [Terra]cotta Paste – Leanne’s “Quickie” Cleansing Pads are perfect for when you’re too lazy to wash, rinse and pat dry. These organically grown cotton pads are soaked in a combination of biodegradable, non-toxic astringents, toners and essential oils. After using, lock in product with a moisturizer.



Moisturize Those Lips

Instead of borrowing your girlfriend’s rose scented lip gloss, try [Terra]cotta Paste – Lip Salve. This all natural lip salve is handmade from a biodegradable combination of beeswax, organic cocoa butter, calendula oil and cold pressed castor oil – to name a few. Although there are several scents, each is subtle and not at all artificial. We also like Buck Naked Soap Company – All Natural Lip Butter. This unscented lip butter is handmade with Shea butter, aloe vera and organic extra virgin olive oil. Buck Naked operates under fair trade practices out of Cambridge, Ontario.kceuu1yma8yudukphsmp

Or, try coconut oil…



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