Gorgeous Fall Hair Trends: Braids & Gems

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What you’ll need: 

bobby pins and hair bands

Bobby pins & clear elastics. Embellishments or extra hair accessories are optional!


~Milkmaid Braids~

1. Part your hair evenly in the middle, from the top of your head down to the nape of your neck. Make sure the divided sections are thoroughly brushed out.

2. Taking one side, braid one pigtail starting from the ear (no French braids). Braid the other pigtail evenly. Secure both ends with a clear elastic, or one that is the same color as your hair.

3. Widen both of the braids with your fingers, as seen in the picture. The goal here is to make the braids bigger, not looser.    

milk maid braids 1

4. Looking at one braid at a time, decide which flat side of the braid is smoother. With the smooth side facing up, place the braid about 1-2 inches behind your hairline – as you would a headband. Be sure to tuck the braid behind – not over – your ear. Secure the braid in place with a bobby-pin or two.

5. Repeat this process with the other side, placing the second braid in front of the other one. Tuck the end of the second braid behind the other; the braids should cross each other around your middle part.

milk maid braids 2

6. With both braids secure in their place, adorn the hairstyle with fancy clips, gems and jewels – if you wish. Here we used Untamed Bridal’s Forest Fern Set.

milk maid braids 3

milk maid braid 4


~Braided Topknot~

1. Tightly secure your hair into a ponytail, high above the crown of your head.

top knot braid step 1

2. Braid the ponytail in a normal fashion and secure with an elastic.

top knot braid 2

3. Strategically placing the thickest section of your braid in the front, wrap the braid around itself to create a bun. Secure with a bobby pin and make sure that it is not visible.

op knot braid

top knot braid 3

4. Adorn with clips, gems and jewels as you wish. Here, we’re using Untamed Bridal’s Sparrow Fascinators.

top knot braid 4



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