Give 2016 a Sustainable Start

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The ball has dropped, the champagne’s been passed around, and you still haven’t settled on your top 3 New Year’s resolutions. Looking to get on with a more conscious lifestyle this year? Feel free to borrow – or tweak-  some of our ambitious sustainable resolutions. Let’s do this 2016!!




Whether it’s yoga, jogging, biking or martial arts – get your fitness on this year. It’s not just about maintaining “a figure”, getting regular exercise boosts your energy, enhances your mood, promotes a more restful sleep and keeps your immunities strong. 

*sustainable resolution tip: Instead of hopping in the car, walk or take public transportation to your destination. Your body will appreciate the fresh air and the calories burned, while you lower your carbon footprint and save money on car expenses and gas. 

yoga bag

Cor Intuition Workout/Day Bag – Ono Creations

This bag can carry your yoga mat, gym clothes or day supplies for a fun outing.



The Race Tank – Aroque Athletic

Getting something cute to wear for your workout is motivation in itself. You’ll feel extra good knowing it’s ethically made.


mat mist

Lemon Myrtle Peppermint Vetiver Yoga – Mat Mist

The essential oil based spray cleans your yoga mat and enhances your practice with its invigorating scent.



Turquoise Embroidered Yoga Mat – Jane & Rocco

A new yogi? Take the environment into consideration and invest in a mat made from natural and/or recycled materials.


hose water

Hose Water Bottle – Faucet Face

The perfect companion to any workout! Make sure you drink 8 glasses of water per day for best results.




Coffee and alcohol can be tough to leave out of the lifestyles of today, but it can especially benefit those with mood swings or psychological issues. Denying that morning latte and late night drink(s) not only save you money, it lessens anxiety, helps you get better sleep, reduces your risk of diabetes and increases productivity. 

*sustainable resolution tip: Replace coffee or alcohol with teas, smoothies, organic juices, or fruit infused sparkling water.


tea collection

The Special Tea Collection – SOMA Tea

A tea for every day of the week. Keep it interesting…


rose tea

Assam Rose Lemon Loose Tea – The Kitchen Imp

Take loose fruit-infused teas and ice them to create a satisfying cold drink with a kick.


indigo tea mug

 Pottery Indigo Coffee Mug – Marie Kennedy Pottery

Make drinking your tea ceremonial and exciting with this handmade, naturally indigo dyed mug.


rhubarb hopsRhubarb Hops Syrup – Quince & Apple

Pour a little of this delicious natural syrup – or your fav fruit juiced – into sparking water for a fun, fizzy soda. 



natural beauty 

Detox your makeup bag and medicine cabinet by getting rid of anything with ingredients you don’t recognize (check out No More Dirty Looks for tips). If you wear make-up, opt for natural, mineral-based brands — we like Painted Earth and Savage Jenny. Your skin stays beautiful by doing things as simple as drinking plenty of water each day, exfoliating dead skin and regularly moisturizing.  You could also give up your anti-perspirant or aluminum-based deodorant…

*sustainable resolution tip: Give your skin that natural glow by adding avocado, coconut oil (unrefined) and other “good” fats to your diet. You can also use avocado externally as a mask for your face or hair, and coconut oil to whiten your teeth, smooth out stray hairs, reduce wrinkles as an eye cream, or use an all over moisturizer.


coconut oil

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – CUCHI ORGANICS

Try a dollop in your morning tea. Supermodel Miranda Kerr does it. 



Citrus Gardens – Pachy Deodorant

Feel refreshed, without stress of future complications, by switching up your deodorant.

Enriching Body Bar

Enriching Body Bar– Calypso Glow

Get your daily scrub on with this deeply exfoliating, luxurious soap bar.


natural highlighter

Radiance Shimmer – Savage Jenny 

A natural highlighter unlike any other; a soft, subtle, irresistible copper that blooms into sheer magic on your skin.




Although it may be hard to wave “bye bye”, giving up fast fashion makes a big difference. Did you know that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter of the environment (the oil industry being the first).  When you buy quality over quantity, shop vintage and/or support ethical brands and local designers that create consciously, you are helping be a part of the change. Many ethical brands are also fair trade and philanthropic- giving back to organizations or communities in need.

*sustainable resolution tip: Just like food, always read the label on your clothing to be advised of its content and where it was made (and by who!).Opt for natural fibers over synthetic when possible. Check out our site for tons of great styles all made with a conscience.

same thread

Aui Cropped Moto Jacket and Skirt – Same Thread

This awesome Seattle, WA based company works with artisans in Isaan, Thailand to produce these beautiful handwoven garments in natural dyes.


Frequency Boot – Olsen Haus  

Vegan shoes made sweatshop free!



Nia Bralette and Panties – Hanna Broer Design

Handmade underthangs in natural materials like organic cotton and bamboo. 



Hi Neck Sleeveless Top – Cossac

An ever popular basic made in organic hemp.



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