Find the Right Fall Handbag for You

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With autumn on the horizon, it’s time for a little wardrobe change and accessories are a must! Whether you prefer large, simple totes or tiny, bright clutches, the new season is an opportunity to shake things up. How do you decide which bag is right for you?



If you:

  • Prefer having everything with you at all times
  • Don’t go home in between day and night
  • Carry a jacket/scarf with you
  • Prefer using the same bag for all occasions

You need: A CARRYALL

Carryalls are the big sisters of your typical tote bag. As their name suggests, they got everything you need inside. They can fit laptops, wallets, makeup bags, a change of clothes, an extra pair of shoes and even better – a smaller purse if you find necessary. Due to the versatility of the purse and how often you’ll end up using it – opt for black. Works any time, anywhere.

sustainable handbag nateiss carryall tote

Melyan Tote – NATEISS

sustainable vegan handbag carry all - gunas chopper

Chopper – Gunas USA Inc.

If you:

  • Are a light packer, phone + money kind of gal
  • Don’t want to be stuck carrying everyone’s stuff
  • Want your things on you at all times, but don’t want to feel it weighing you down
  • Frequent crowded places, parties, bars

You need: A (tiny) CROSS-BODY SATCHEL

The cross-body satchel is a low maintenance lifesaver, especially in crowds. People often assume clutches are the go-to when a small purse is in need, but they’re too easy to loose. The cross-body strap on these purses allows your hands – and arms – to be free most of the time. When amongst the masses, swing the purse around so the compartment is in front of you. They’re typically big enough to hold the essentials and jackets can be easily draped over via the strap.

sustainable recycled leather satchel handbag - what daisy did

Natural Leather Tall Satchel – What Daisy Did

woven purse fair trade wild tussah

Day to Night Bow Weave – Wild Tussah

If you:

  • Think purses are the most important accessory
  • Like matching your purse to other accessories
  • Like when people ask “Where did you get that?!”


At least one statement bag is essential for every girl’s closet. They’re perfect for those nights when you’re dressed in all black and need an extra kick – or match it to your shoes or lipstick. Go for a smaller size, so the pattern or color doesn’t take over the whole look; all you need is that little pop of color to make a statement.

magnea gb unnur statement clutch sustainable

Magnea GB – Unnur

clutch christian siriano vegan sparkle pink statement purse

Pink Glitter Fold Clutch – Christian Siriano

If you:

  • Do a lot of activities throughout the day, walk a lot
  • Dislike the one-sided weight of purses
  • Prefer to dress casually
  • Carry things you don’t necessarily need constant access to


Backpacks are no longer limited to the basic, circular zipper design you’re used to. With a variety of designs in store, backpacks are no longer restricted to student use either. The atypical designs are just as functional and often more stylish!

backpack black moto sustainable purse


Moto Rolltop Backpack – Future Glory Company

backpack rucksack fair trade est wst

KTM Valley Bamboo Rucksack – EST WST Collective



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