Featured Seller: Sebastian Cruz Couture

Featured Sellers, Mens v February 29, 2016
Sebastian Cruz Couture was founded on the principles of high quality and innovating function without sacrificing style. Specializing in vibrant pocket squares and lapel flowers with hand-detailed crochet trim, SCC encourages stepping outside of the norm and setting your own bold trend. We took some time to chat with the founders of this bespoke brand to get the inside scoop on what it takes to be a small-batch maker, plus some mantras to live by.
How did Sebastian Cruz Couture begin and by who?
Sebastian Cruz Couture began in early 2013 by Rickie and Natasha Cruz. We were recently married and wanted to start something together. We both had a passion for fashion and creativity. Natasha had always loved styling and I loved modifying anything I could. Planning our wedding really gave us a hands on feel for bringing art to life, especially with color schemes, wardrobes, and accessories and so on.
 What was the inspiration behind starting the brand?

We both started to notice a huge gap in the market of men’s pocket squares. Silk squares existed and yes they were beautiful but so unpractical. It’s almost as if you wore a brand new designer dress out and covered it with a coat or trench coat. The pocket squares would fall back into the pocket of the suit jacket or become limp, causing a need to be remolded and restructured over and over through the day and/or night. We searched long and hard for linen squares, wool squares, etc. and while we did find some that existed (few at best at the time), they were all so plain, coming in simply white. There had to be a solution and the pair decided they would be the ones to start the movement. The idea of the double crocheted border colors really came from wanting to add depth, dimension and structure to the squares. I, being from the aftermarket car wheel and tire industry, jumped on this idea as it was another form of modifying. This was just like when I used to paint the lip of my rim’s contrasting colors to give the wheels personality and mark their uniqueness.


Why did you choose to make your products in the USA?

We decided to manufacture the product here in the USA to ensure the utmost quality, attention to detail and make sure our customers would only be buying the best. What we wanted was not to sell a product – we wanted to give someone an experience. The experience of having that feeling when you just feel like a million bucks. Walking into a room and carrying a strong presence. We wanted to give the best customer service and to ensure no product went out to our clients that was not up to par. We like to monitor production on site and really be involved in the process. None of our products are generic replicas, and all of our clients are made to feel that they are unique, and their new accessories resemble their style and personality.

Who are some of your muses or role models?

The parents who raised us.

If you had only three words to describe Sebastian Cruz Couture, what would they be?


Can you offer us some men’s style tips for the upcoming season?

Every season usually has rules, but we say that there are no rules when it comes to fashion. Rules really are to restrict us as individuals and let’s be honest – when it comes to creativity and expression, no one that ever really made an impact in the world followed the rules. Why blend in when you can stand out? Don’t be afraid to be bold with your style – color outside the line.

What’s your favorite quote to live by?

“Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life”



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  • David Twite

    Unhappy with Sebastian Cruz . They never sent me a replacement Shirt or a return. Very dissatified customer.

    • Reid Estreicher

      I can’t even get my f’ing order. It’s a $1000+ order. No one is responding to my emails… What recourse do I have here??