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Featured Sellers v May 4, 2015

If you are furnishing your new apartment or home or simply redecorating, Kuchi Kuu pillows are a great way to bring nature into your home! From the inside-out, Kuchi Kuu assures all of their products are luxurious, sustainable and eco chic.  We caught up with this mother-daughter design duo to get the scoop on what it’s like working together, as well as the inspiration behind the brand and its fun name!


What’s it like working with your mom?
Morgan (daughter): It is amazing to share a creative outlet with someone who knows you so intimately. It’s also pretty wonderful considering that we live so far apart. Most of my friends that live away from their families rarely get more than a weekly update about home and all their loved ones still living there. Our venture forces constant communication about things outside of our personal lives. We get to discuss our ideas and be fundamental in helping each other realize their inspiration. The result is a much deeper, fuller relationship.




What are each of your roles within the company?
Marsha (mom): I play the role of manager/designer/technical director/creative director/photographer/researcher/and owner of “the last word”.  I love photographing EVERYTHING.  I am a nature freak, so I find myself photographing lots of trees, plants, flowers, rocks, clouds, etc.  I still take my camera with me on most excursions.  Everything is now fodder for my pillows.  Morgan is always my best “sounding board” and critic. Her taste is impeccable and advice sage.  I am in love with her whimsy that finds it’s way into an illustration or painting and finally onto a pillow.  She is currently busy painting images of the California desert for curtain panels, shower curtains, and possibly some beachwear.  Lots of good things in the works!


What’s most important when you create a new design/product?
Morgan (daughter): My goal is to be true to my aesthetic even when creating with the intention that my ideas and designs must appeal to other people. I guess, I hope and finally put trust in some sort of cosmic synergy that other people with be attracted to my bizarre little drawings without compromise.



FLAMINGO pillow with artwork by Morgan

How did Kuchi Kuu begin?

Marsha (mom): The story of Kuchi Kuu goes as follows:  I am a professional photographer in the early stages of my golden years, whatever that means.  I am an avid gardener with over 300 orchids in my backyard collection and a longstanding member of our local botanical garden where I spend many hours meditating and photographing the plants.  I have been exhibiting my artwork for many years and recently exhibited a collection of my botanical images in Maine.  A dear friend in my orchid club was having a birthday, and I wanted to give her a unique gift.  I found a way to permanently print an orchid image on fabric and made her a set of decorator pillows!  They were a huge hit, so I continued to gift friends and family with my special pillows.  Eventually, a light went off and I decided to launch a line of pillows and home décor.


I work with an incredible master printer, Andy Soffian, who found a way to permanently print the images on natural fabrics using non-toxic water based inks.  I am very concerned about our planet and do my best to avoid any product that would damage or do harm to any living thing.  Everyday I become more adamant about sustainability.



“Fairchild Fern” from the Botanical Collection


Mikhaela from the Botanical Collection



Who thought of the name “Kuchi Kuu” and why?
Marsha (mom): The name Kuchi Kuu came to me from a brain storming session when we first started  considering a business.  It is the sound you make when you tickle or cuddle a baby and whose name was chosen because of the wonderful feelings evoked by it’s sound.  Kuchi Kuu!  It makes you smile, doesn’t it?


Where does your inspiration come from?
Morgan (daughter): I’m an actress and writer. Most of my images are the physical visualizations of the characters, stories, and scenes that go on in my mind. I guess I’m illustrating my own internal narrative.

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