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Founded by Stephen McMenamin, iWood Ecodesign makes luxury eyewear in timeless styles inspired by the movies of the ’50’s and ‘60’s. Each pair is ethically made from the discarded wood scraps of private aircraft cabins. These exotic woods are upcycled through a non-toxic process into micro-laminated layers that contain no formaldehyde and emit no VOCs.


Unlike plastic, the frame’s wooden veneers provide a sleek, comfortable fit that is strong and unaffected by changes in weather. Lightweight and fully adjustable with stainless steel spring-loaded temples and arms, each pair includes 100% UVA/UVB protection with the finest Italian lenses. All iWood Ecodesign products are handcrafted with care in the heartland of America and embody their own unique story.


What prompted you to start iWood Ecodesign eyewear?


S: After being fed-up with plastic frames, I was inspired to create something that provided a better fit, looked better on the face and was comfortable and long lasting. I’ve always liked wood, and after all it grows on trees.  Wood is warm to touch and when used for frames provides a sleek, comfortable fit that is strong and unaffected by changes in weather.


What’s your favorite characteristic about the luxury wooden veneers? 


S: Hard to pick just one favorite! I love that the colors and unique grains of our precious woods are so special just to look at. Secondly, the fact that we are reclaiming the veneers from V.I.P. aircraft interiors and upcycling them into eyewear is really really cool. Not only do these unused portions not go to the stinking landfill, but we are also able to offer this special eyewear at a most reasonable price.




What makes iWoodEyewear different than other wooden eyewear?


S: What separates us from other wooden frame companies is that we offer much more styling than solid wood. Solid wood glasses don’t fit well, break easily and are often cheaply made. At iWood Ecodesign we utilize a microlaminating technology that allows us to bind precious wood veneers to form a tight radius making our glasses strong enough to endure. We also combine our sleek wooden frame fronts with lite-weight stainless steel temples making each frame fully adjustable – meaning a lot of people can wear them. Not only do they look great on the face, they wear comfortably. 


Check out iWood Ecodesign’s latest eyewear collection on their EcoHabitude store here.

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