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Fashion v December 27, 2015

We’ve heard the saying “It’s all in the details”. Well, that is certainly the case for the unisex jewelry line Dapper Designs. Gabrielle Morris, owner and designer of Dapper Designs, is changing up the preconceived notion that “his” and “hers” jewelry needs to be totally different pieces. Instead, she has hand crafted a beautiful and polished unisex jewelry line that is interchangeable to fit your unique style. Her jewelry is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. We caught up with the designer on her collection and the steps she takes to lead a conscious lifestyle.


How did Dapper Designs begin?

I always dreamed of having my own brand, and after working and gaining experience in the industry for some time I knew it was now or never. Dapper Designs was born only about a year ago and I’m never looking back!

What inspires you when you are designing?

I’m really inspired by clean geometric lines and shapes and surprising elements in the designs. For example, the handmade mosaic technique that comes out different every time, and the hidden Swarovski crystal set in the back of the band of the signet rings.


I wanted to create something versatile and something people can make their own. The interchangeability of this collection allows you to hook your own heirloom rings and charms onto our designs so you can create your own keepsake. I love to see how people wear our pieces and make their own story.


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Who are some socially conscious designers that you admire?

I admire the industrial design brand Thislexik, who built their studio entirely out of reclaimed shipping containers in Brooklyn. Their studio is entirely self- sufficient from the toilets that use bacteria to eat waste to the heating that works off of recycled saw dust from the workshop.

I also admire Pax Cult, the only brand of its kind that donates a portion from each and every item sold to a charity of the customer’s choice at checkout. These brands are on the forefront of making a change in the design industry, and it’s inspiring to watch.

Where are your materials sourced?

All the materials are sourced and handmade in New York City. All our metals are clean and recycled as we take pride in being a sustainable brand with a high standard of craftsmanship.



What is your favorite piece in your collection?

Can I pick two?! My favorite piece would have to be the Marble Pave Octagon Ring, and the Toggle Necklaces. The marble (in either black or blue) is a material that adds a certain modern elegance and masculinity without being too loud. The Toggle Necklace can be dressed up or dressed down and I love to change what I hook into it for a different look every time.



How do you lead a conscious lifestyle?

I lead a conscious lifestyle by not only practicing it in my work, but taking the time to feed my mind and body. Weather that be unplugging from my devices to re-center my mind, practicing yoga, or taking really long morning walks. I’ve also been a vegetarian for about 10 years, so eating clean organically and consciously is important to my every day lifestyle.


Anna Terry attended Texas A&M University where she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Communication. She is based out of Austin, TX and is a Marketing Assistant for Ecohabitude. Anna writes for Ecohabitude’s blog and hopes to inspire others to live a socially conscious lifestyle with easy, fun, stylish tips to incorporate into their everyday life.

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