Father’s Day Gift Guide

Beauty, Fashion, Gourmet, Home, Mens v May 27, 2016

Father’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to do some serious brain storming.  Although his jokes may be so corny that your eye roll makes you literally look at the back of your head or that his closet contains only the clothes he wore three decades ago, he’s your Dad and you love him none the less. He claims he really doesn’t need to receive any gift from you…but let’s face it, that’s simply not gonna happen Pops. Let’s think outside the box this Father’s Day with something other than what is supposed to look like a mug made by you, but it looks more like an ash tray. The man has many layers, so it’s going to be hard to pin point exactly what you should get him. Whether he is a grill master, a coffee connoisseur,  a dapper gent, or all of the above, we’ve put together some of our top picks that are sure to get you brownie points this Father’s Day. 

For the Well Groomed Dad

Mom’s aren’t the only ones who get a spa day, Dad’s deserve to be pampered too. The dapper dad of 2016 is sporting a well groomed beard, a Jared Leto long-hair look with impeccably smooth skin (well some of  them are). This “man-icured” look requires simple products that are all natural and toxin free. Look for beard oils to tame those whiskers, soaps that make him smell like the great outdoors, and the right tools to make it all come together (ie. straight razor, pomade, or a beard comb). 

For the Chef

For the guy that wants to be the next Jamie Oliver or Bobby Flay, give the gift that will help him whisk your tastebuds away. Prepare for some picturesque feasts as Dad will be covered when it comes to kitchen accessories. Sturdy cutting boards, ornate glassware, and minimalistic looking bowls will show that he is the host with the most when it comes to serving his guests. 


For the Man Cave

Time to help the man of the house redecorate his man cave. A lazy boy chair, TV, and side table just don’t cut it. Booooriiiing. Let’s help make his space appeasing to the eye with interestingly unique knick-knacks and black/white photography of buildings or plants to help compliment the room. When it comes to “masculine” looking furniture, look for rustic wooden pieces combined with some metal components of hardware. 


For the Classic Man

Update Dad’s wardrobe with classic apparel that will never go out of style. If you care enough, you will never let Dad go through the horror that is wearing socks with sandals. Be his guardian fashion angel, the person who looks out for his style. Whether it’s making big decisions in the office or lounging comfortably at home, give him the gift of clothing and accessories that are comfy and more importantly make him look amazing. 

For the Snacker

Snacking is where it’s at! Who wouldn’t want to munch on some delicious and exotic tasting treats this Fathers Day? You can’t go wrong with scrumptious smoky maple nuts or seriously addictive Indian spiced popcorn. For those guys who love to feel the burn, give him some pickled tid-bits that pack a punch in the heat index. It’s the perfect addition to any guy that likes to have a spread while watching the big game or the guy who likes to entertain. Bust these morsels out and they are sure to disappear in a jiffy. 


For the Coffee Junkie

For those guys who are impossible to buy for, you can never go wrong with giving the gift of alertness with a cold or hot brew. Early mornings are sure to be more tolerable with these delicious organic and fair trade coffees. Buy one bag or two different kinds to offer variety to his morning routine. His caffeine addiction will thank you later. 



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