Ethical Fashion Guide: Office Chic

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In the summertime, the last thing you want wear to work is a restricting pant suit. Work attire has gotten a little more lax and a lot more fashionable over the past decade– so take advantage of that.

Tip #1: Opt for natural fibers. Unlike synthetics (polyester, rayon, etc.) they breathe and will keep you from sweating in that quarterly meeting.

Tip #2: Dress up cotton or silk basics with a colorful scarf, geometric accessories or a patterned bag.

Tip# 3: Keep it functional. Don’t go overboard with jewelry and clothing that is uncomfortable and impractical. Being minimal is a statement in itself and will keep you cool this season.

Here are some ethical summer looks for every type of office environment:

 The Outgoing Entrepreneur

Dress to impress like you didn’t try that hard. That said, you can’t go wrong with an lbd  (little black dress) as your outfit’s foundation. Jazz it up with key elements like a great pair of low pumps, some chunky accessories and a brilliant tote to carry those supplies for success.

Ethical Fashion Guide: Summer Office Chic



  The Lively Start-Up

When a company is in jump-start mode, you’ll be juggling many roles. To accomplish all that the day has in store for you, remember to keep it casual yet fashionable.  Light layers will help you dress up for an evening networking event, or dress down to run a package to the courier. 
Ethical Fashion Guide: Office Chic 2



 Corporate with an Edge

Although your work environment may be a conservative one, don’t hesitate to add a touch of personality to your look. Try a simple, yet bold blouse paired with light linen trousers or an organic cotton pencil skirt. Add pizazz with delicately edgy earrings and some great closed-toe shoes.
Ethical Fashion Guide: Office Chic 3


Genuine leather shoes

Spike Stud by L. SHOFF


The Multimedia Mogul

While the media industry can be demanding, don’t let it wear down your look. This environment has room for trends, and you’ll definitely want to stand out. Choose sleek conversational pieces that compliment a classy shift dress– making you look like a million bucks. Working on a deadline? Don’t forget stylish sunglasses to mask any lost sleep.
Ethical Fashion Guide: Office Chic 4


Ethical Fashion Guide: Office Chic 4 by ecohabitude featuring wooden sunglasses


Wooden sunglasses


 The Eccentric Creative 

When the theme of your role or workspace is a creative one, you get the added bonus of expressing yourself in what you wear. Since you are used to thinking outside the box, try a strappy jumpsuit paired with a funky lariat necklace. Tone it down with solid wedge sandals (in a fun color) and a great blank canvas tote that you can either hand-paint and/or use to store your notebook of musings galore.
Ethical Fashion Guide: Office Chic 5


Ethical Fashion Guide: Office Chic 5 by ecohabitude featuring a geode necklace


andrea-photo-1Andrea Plell is EcoHabitude’s Director of Communications and the Editor-in-Chief of the EcoHabitude blog. Since 2007, Andrea has been on a mission to support a paradigm shift in the fashion industry. She currently runs her own PR and ethical fashion production company in San Francisco, CA.

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