Eco Makeup Tutorial: How to Perfect the Cat Eye

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What you’ll need:

Painted Earth Skincare LashLuxe Mascara, SuperWear Gel Liner in Noir and Waterproof Gel Lip Liner in Maraschino, Savage Jenny lip gloss in Diva, Scotch tape.




1. With a clean, moisturized face and Painted Earth Skincare Kabuki Brush, dust Bear’s Beauty Powder Mineral Foundation on the face for full coverage.

2. Apply Bear’s Beauty blush in Smitten along the cheekbones.

3. Take Painted Earth Skincare SuperWear Gel Liner in Noir and tightline your eyes. The tight line is the small portion of skin underneath your lashes, closest to the eyeball. This look is referred to as “invisible liner,” as it creates definition while staying subtle



4. Take the scotch tape and cut 2 pieces about 2 inches long. The tape will be used as a border for your eye makeup. Place the tape underneath the outer corner of your eye at an angle (see picture after Step 6).

5. Using Painted Earth’s dual eyeshadow palette in “Mona Lisa’s Eyes, Medium Taupe/Crystal Beige,” dust the lighter shade all over the eyelid, up to the eye’s natural crease. Follow by using the darker shade on the crease and outer corner of the lid, all the way against the tape. Blend the two shadows for a slightly smokey effect.

6. Using the same Gel Liner in Noir, line the lashline as thick or thin as you want. When you get to the outer corner where your lashes end, extend the line straight out until it hits the tape. Fill in the triangle with the liner. Ta-da! Perfect cat eyes



7. Coat the lashes twice in Painted Earth Skincare LashLuxe Mascara to finish the eyes.

8. No cat eye is complete without lipstick. Line the lips with Waterproof Gel Lip Liner in Maraschino. Top with Savage Jenny’s Diva lip gloss for a complete look.


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