DIY: Make Your Own Natural Deodorant

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Hi everyone!

I’ve joined up with EcoHabitude to bring you healthier and happier underarms! Did you know that conventional deodorants have lots of toxic ingredients that are dangerous to our health?

More and more people have been asking me why I make my own DIY natural deodorant instead of using conventional drugstore deodorants so I thought I would give you a tiny lesson on deodorants.

Chemical deodorants and antiperspirants contain lots of dangerous nasties including:

·  Aluminium: yes that’s right; your deodorant has metal in it. Aluminium is a metal linked to breast cancer in women and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s

·  Parabens: a synthetic preservative that can disrupt our delicate hormonal balance which is also linked to birth defects and organ toxicity

·  Phthalates: chemicals linked to lots of issues including birth defects, liver/kidney/lung damage and Cancer

·  Triclosan: this chemical is actually classed as a pesticide by FDA and a probable carcinogen by the Environmental Protection Agency. Usually found in antibacterial products, sanitizer and deodorants

There are many natural brands of deodorants available in the market which I have tried and tested but I have found that some of them simply do not work and most of the good ones are quite expensive when you compare them to what you are used to getting from the drugstore.  I found a super cheap and effective alternative which is very easy and quick to make and will last you ages!


You will need: 

01_26_16 Eco products-0419

·  Organic Coconut Oil

·  Organic Shea butter

·  Baking Powder – you can get this at any supermarket

·  Arrow Root (optional) – you can also get this at the supermarket

·  Essential Oil of your choice (optional) – there are lots of lovely fragrances on Eco Habitude

·  container or jar to store product. If you are using essential oils, I would use a glass jar/container as essential oils eat through the plastic (we used a glass jar left over from a one of our fav type.lites candles) 

·  spoon



For this recipe, the measurements and quantities are not strict. I like to experiment with the texture and the ingredients and add more or less depending on how I would prefer the texture and how much you wish to make/

1. Place two heaped teaspoon of Shea Butter in your jar or container

01_26_16 Eco products-0424

2. Add four teaspoons of coconut oil and one tea spoon of baking powder and mix together. If your coconut oil and Shea butter are quite solid and hard to mix you can pop in the microwave for 15 seconds to liquidize the product and then mix together. However my room was ridiculously warm when I made this so my coconut oil and Shea butter were really soft already.

01_26_16 Eco products-0434

3. Voila! You have made a cream-oil formula deodorant that is actually good for you. It may seem weird at first if you are used to spray deodorants but it’s very comfortable and easy to get used to.

01_26_16 Eco products-0456

(Optional) Feel free to add arrow root. This step is optional because all it does is make the deodorant more solid. If you don’t have any arrow root you can just add more baking powder if you do not want the deodorant to be so soft but I usually take some in my hand warm it in my fingers and apply it like an oil.

(Optional) You can add an essential oil for scent! We used an oil by Essence of Vali. Or go withuot scent if you have especially sensitive pits.

01_26_16 Eco products-0440


This deodorant is made using super nourishing and healthy natural ingredients that will not harm you and it works like a charm!

·  Coconut oil is an amazing ingredient – it is super moisturising and has natural anti bacterial properties

·  Shea Butter is also really moisturizing which helps recover the damage from shaving my pits. It contains Vitamin E – I recommend Shea Butter to all my friends with dry skin

·  Baking powder is great for getting rid of odors which is the main reason we use deodorant!

·   It’s cheap! This is so much cheaper than paying around $10 for a natural deodorant. I very much live by…if I can make it myself for cheaper…I ain’t blowing my money on it.

My experience has been that since I converted to using this DIY chemical free deodorant, I actually sweat less and my sweat smells less. If I forget to wear deodorant for a day it’s not the end of the world for me.

01_26_16 Eco products-0461 (1)

Bye Bye Pit stains

Remember that this is not an antiperspirant but it does absorb a lot of our daily moisture. Our bodies need to sweat – it is a natural way for our bodies to detox.

Antiperspirants clog our pores, but our bodies don’t understand that so they will keep trying to detox. This is why antiperspirants leave those dreaded pit stains on our beautiful white tees. Pit stains are basically our armpits vomiting up chemical crap.

So now that you now how quick and easy it is to make your own healthy deodorant, why not? It’s cheap, it’s healthy and it works! The recipe I’ve given you will last a long time; a little goes a long way. You can pick up most of these ingredients from EcoHabitude, and if you just aren’t the DIY kind of person, you can also find a wide variety of natural deodorant options on the site.

Love your pits!

Aliya xoxo

blogger-photo---au-naturaliyaABOUT THE AUTHOR:

Aliya of Au Naturaliya is a natural lifestyle and Green beauty blogger based in London. She is passionate about natural beauty and conscious living. For natural beauty tips, follow Aliya on instagram.


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