DIY Beauty Tutorial: Candy Button Nails

Beauty, Beauty Tutorials, DIYs v April 6, 2016
With the welcome of Spring, we just had to get our nails DID. And so, we invited Adrienne of DID Nail Paint and Nataliya of Style Tomes to join us at EcoHab HQ to show us how to do an easy, Spring nail look that reflects the blossoming of the season.
Inspiration Board
infiniti scarf
polka dot bagScreen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.49.31 AM
What you need:
1. Make sure nail surfaces are clean and then apply one coat of base coat 
2. Brush on one to two even coats of white nail polish (we used cloud nine) on half of all nails, except the thumbs, as if writing a “/”.  Fill in the thumbs completely with white polish. 
3. Next, pour a generous amount of your first polish color on a clean palette or piece of paper.
4. Then, with a dotting tool, or toothpick, apply some dots avoiding the negative space you left empty.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with three other colors, of your choice, until most of the white space is gone.
6. Lastly, make sure all nails are dry and then apply your top coat.
7. Show off your D.I.D Nails!

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  • Tatyana J. Acuña

    Love this, it has so many nail design techniques and is still very simple to recreate! Nataliya you look awesome.

    • The nails look so good! Love this design!

      • Tatyana Acuna

        That’s great to hear! Thank you for being such a great hand model… looking forward to partnering up again in the future.