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Consumerism is the driving force of America’s economy. With a GDP of nearly 17 trillion dollars, production is a rapid constant. As we all know, with production comes usage, and with usage comes waste. Everyday in the United States, the average citizen produces 4.3 pounds of waste. 4.3! Out of all this waste being generated, over half of it eventually goes to a landfill.

EH-infographic-landfill (2)

As trends come and go, the fashion industry is a massive contributor to this waste problem. Thankfully, there are many artists and designers from all around the world who are working mercilessly – and stylishly – to recycle, recycle, recycle! Below are some of our fav upcycled goodies from fashion to home– all available for purchase on

Bottles & Wood

bottles and wood 1bottles and wood 2

Bottles & Wood repurposes glass from spirit bottles! The earrings are made from Bombay Sapphire Gin, bangles: Grey Goose Vodka. Pick your poison.

Platinum Dirt

Platinum Dirt 1

Platinum Dirt pulls the car seat leather off luxury vehicles – each jacket even has its own ID number and plate from the Mercedes or Cadillac it came from!

Piece x Piece

piece x piece

Piece x Piece uses designer off cuts and sample swatched to piece together their beautiful fashions.

Dog Patch SF

dogpatch sf 1

Dog Patch SF makes durable dog leashes from upcycled climbing ropes and tree lines. Read more about their philanthropic story here.

 Koru Swimwear

koru swim 1

Koru Swimwear repurposes fishing nets into fabric for these fantastic swimsuits!


Rehabulous 1

Rehabulous melt down wine bottles and mason jars alike for original and classy dishware and table settings!

Leafy Natural Couture

Leafy Couture 1

Leafy Natural Couture uses PET (post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate) fabric for all their crochet pieces.

Browse even more products that were upcycled and/or recycled, on our site by clicking on the desired ecotag within each product category.




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