Creating an Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Unisex Baby Room!

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There is nothing quite as satisfying as creating something yourself, which is why designing your newborn’s space can be extremely F-U-N fun! To keep baby healthy and happy, make their sanctuary sustainable & eco-friendly where possible with furniture basics and decor accents. Below are great gender neutral eco-alternatives to your everyday baby room decor. Why gender neutral? It’s more sustainable as you can use it in the future for baby #2 or as hand-me-downs to a friend or family member.


When you think “baby room” a crib, changing table, and dressers are probably the first things that come to mind. When shopping for these fundamental items I suggest to have two things in mind: one is “Will this last 1 year or a few years?” the other one is “Is this safe to chew?”. With that in mind try to find transitional bedroom sets that grow with your children, and read the labels to make sure they are made with non-toxic paints & materials. Believe me it’s inevitable that your baby will be biting and chewing on them at one point or another. Once teething season comes along, you too will get some nibbles on you (be prepared!). 

Some great brands to consider for sustainable cribs and changing tables are Oeuf, Spot on Square, and Green Cradle. I am sure there are countless more but these stood out to us for the reasons mentioned above plus they are a-dor-able.



Once you get your basic pieces of furniture and know what you have to work with, get to creating a space like no other. Below are gender neutral bedroom designs we’ve put together… to stay away from the traditional blue & pink.

Unisex Farm Inspired Red and Yellow Baby Room

In the past the norm was for all babies (boys and girls) to wear white dresses. But things are different in modern day, and who wants an all white unisex baby room with no colors? Colors are wonderful and can inspire emotions and feelings. Which is why we have to start up with a fun colorful barn-themed baby room. The main colors we incorporated are red and yellow as they help tie in colors like pink and blue. Check them out and let us know what you think…

Blue, Pink, and Green Unisex Baby Room

Play around with blues and pinks. Don’t be fooled that blue is for boys and pink is for girls- this conditioning was invented by marketers to make parents with a second child buy a whole new set of clothes. Green is a great neutral color that you can use to tie pink and blue in together like we did below. 

Grey Unisex Forest Inspired Baby Room Ideas

As mentioned before, in the past all babies wore white dresses (even FDR grew up wearing dresses). Regardless, we get that some items still give us a boyish or girlish feel, in which case if you can’t get past the norm buy neutral colors like green and grey. Below we incorporated a woodland theme which works great for both genders. 

Hope you enjoyed the fun facts and baby room ideas! Please let us know which were your favorite, if you agreed or disagreed with our picks, if you have any suggestions of your own, and anything else you’d like to talk about. Leave your comments below…


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