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In a world of frills and lace, a guy just needs a space to call his own. So, we present the man cave, the epicenter of all things manly. Contrary to a frat house, my vision of a man cave is a stylishly decorated room with the occupant’s personal touches. It can be a shrine to all things sports related, your very own movie theater, a hunting exhibit, or all of the above. The theme varies and it’s the one room in the house where you set the atmosphere of enjoyment. Here are some ideas on what décor and furniture you should use to construct your empty basement, attic, or shed into a stylish, inviting man cave. One thing is for sure, you won’t be seeing any empty pizza boxes or beer cans lying around here.  


It’s All About the Tchotchke’s Baby

It’s all about the details (aka knick-knacks). You don’t have to spend a bundle while decorating your space. They can be things you have lying around your house (old radios, books, sports memorabilia), that gift your great aunt gave you that is supposed to be a vase and looks like a broken bowl or purchased. Styled correctly on your bookcase or shelf, your knick-knacks fill the void spaces and are appeasing to the eye.



Rough Fusion*: Smile-Concrete Head 6”


shelf man cave

Urban Wood Furnishings*: Industrial Urban Reclaimed Wood Triple Shelfspeakers black usbOtis & Eleanor*: Black on Back Bongo Speakers


concrete book shelf man cave

Rough Fusion*: Modern Concrete Bookends-Cubes


radio vintage man cave

 Kuchi Kuu*: Philco Pt-2 Bakelite AM Tube (1941)


Bottoms Up!

Instead of going out and spending a ridiculous amount clubbing, you can have your very own bar that all of your buddies come over to belly up to. The trend for most bars lean towards dark earthy tones with a touch of modern industrial designs. Just be sure there is plenty of storage for of glassware and decanters. Look for sturdy bar chairs, they don’t necessarily have to match the rest of your furniture. They can be all metal stools, wooden ones, or a mix of both. It depends on the theme you are trying to convey with your man cave. Think of all the deep life convos you’ll have sitting on these chairs sharing a brew with your boys! Probably not important, but rest assured, you will be able to enjoy tossing back a few within the confines of you own home. Cheers!

man cave finds

Bottles & Wood*: Jack Daniels Table Lamp


variance set liquor bottles

Reclamation Etchworks*: The Variance Set


beer taster flight man cave


Barrel-Art*: Beer Flight Oak Barrel Taster


mini bar man cave

Urban Wood Furnishings*: Urban Modern Industrial Reclaimed Hostess Stand/Mini Bar

Hammer Time

Besides that 70” TV hanging on your wall, let’s look at some other possibilities of hanging décor that will zen out your man cave. Some options could be wall art, posters, clocks, mirrors, or dart boards. Let’s put those tools to use and install floating shelves or a photo collage. record clock man cave

Raymels*: Vinyl Record Wall Clock


barn mirror man cave

10 Made Design*: Barn Mirror


letter hanging man cave 

Raymels*: Large 12” x 16” Reclaimed Pallet Letter(s) 

palm photp art man caveKuchi Kuu*: Fine Art Photography


Blankets, Pillows, and Rugs; Oh My!

Some of my guy friends claim that they can sleep on a cold concrete floor. (Side eye.) Let’s be honest…that sounds horrible. Whether you want to or not let’s “soften” up the couch or lazy boy chair with a throw blanket or pillows. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just bring in some texture to your sofa. Patterns, color, and prints are all good options and can still be considered rugged. Put down a rug to cushion your feet and add an extra pop of color. Goodness knows how much time you will spend there; let’s make sure that it doesn’t feel like you’re in a concrete cell.

wodland pillow man cave

Kuchi Kuu*: Woodland Collection-Tanglewood


black rug man cave

Rags 2 Rugs and More*: Handwoven Black Denim Rug 25 x 92


black rug man cave

Cranberry Moon Farm*: Natural Sheep Hides


Sofa King

We all know the basic requirements for a man cave to be considered a man cave, a lazy boy or couch and TV. If you want a minimalistic design then that is perfect. You might even be limited with the amount of space you have to work with. But let’s get creative with it and add some more pieces of furniture. A good solid coffee table to eat off of (where else are you going to put your wings and other delicious snacks??), a bookcase to show off your expansive DVD or fishing and hunting book collection, or even a side table. Another element to make you feel right at home is to include the right lighting. Unique lamps on your side table for reading or overhead lights that can be dimmed when you watch the game; proper lighting can set the mood of your man cave.


luggage table man cave

Refitting the Planet*: Luggage End Tables


lamp usb man cave

Chic Watts*: Industrial lamp with USB Charger

 coffee table man cave

Urban Wood Furnishings*: 2.5” Thick Wood Coffee Table


Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 1.19.34 PM

Urban Wood Furnishings*: Reclaimed Urban Wood Industrial Bar Stool


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